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Paper Elf Craft

Christmas is such a great time for kids to make keepsake crafts for loved ones. Photo crafts are especially fun because you can put them up as decoration. This Paper Elf Craft is so easy to make and is also a fun way to make your own elves to display around the house.

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Paper Elf Craft for Kids

This paper elf craft is so easy for little elves of all ages to create.  It’s simple to make a bunch of these elves to give out to all of your family and friends too!

Or if you’re a teacher, these would look great to make as a classroom!

Paper Elf Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed To Make A Paper Elf

You only need a handful of supplies to make this craft. We’ve made it simple by providing a free printable template, but you can also cut out your own shapes by hand if you prefer.

What kind of glue should I use?

Since this is mostly a paper craft, white glue or a glue stick will work fine.

For the buttons and pom pom, we like to use an extra-strong non-toxic tacky glue. Just make sure to let it thoroughly dry and press and hold for the glue to take.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Directions For How To Make A Paper Elf

1. Cut out the template and trace around the elements.

You will need green cardstock for the body, legs and arms. Use the red cardstock for the mittens and boots.

The red glitter paper is for the collar and the green glitter paper is for the hat.

2. Attach the red glitter paper collar to the round green body.

Glue on 2 small red buttons.

Add Buttons to Wiggly Button

3. Accordion fold 4 green strips of paper for the arms and legs.

Make the legs slightly larger than the arms. Trim the size of the strips if needed to make them smaller.

Accordian Fold Elf Leg

4. Glue the arms and legs to the body and attach the mittens and boots to the ends of the arms and legs.

Elf Craft Paper

5. Glue a piece of cotton ball to the bottom of the green glitter hat.

Add the small white pom pom to the top of the hat.

Cut out the photo head and glue the hat onto the head.

Glue Hat on Paper Elf

5. Glue the head to the top of the elf body.

Elf Craft for Kids

Now your wiggly paper elf craft is complete! Kids will love playing with their finished elf or you can put it up on display to enjoy!

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