This adorable owl craft is perfect for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day card or a birthday card! And the best part is that you only need paper and glue to make this cute owl card!

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Owl Craft for Kids

Owl Craft Cards

We love how easy and simple this handmade Mother’s Day and Father’s Day card is to make! Even if you’re not crafty, we promise you can make this. You only need a few supplies – paper and glue!  Kids will love putting these colorful owl cards together!

We used yellow, blue and green to make our cards but you can choose any color you’d like!


Owl Craft Card

You can write a cute saying inside the card too: “Owl Always Love you!” or “Guess Whooo Loves You!”.


Owl Always Love you Owl Craft

We made this craft really simple by including a free template to make it.  You can get the template emailed to you as a free gift by signing up to our newsletter on the form with the preview of the owl template.


Supplies Needed to Make an Owl Craft Card

Different colored cardstock – we used blue, green and yellow in two different shades of color. And you’ll also need white and orange for the beak and eyes.

Black Marker

Glue – Regular glue or a glue stick. However, since this is all paper – I like to use a glue stick for this project since it’s less messy.

Owl template – you can get the template emailed to you as a free gift by signing up to our newsletter on the form with the preview of the owl template

Owl Craft Card for Kids


Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Steps to Make An Owl Craft Card

1. First, print out the owl template (you can get the details to download at the bottom of the post).

Cut out the template elements. Then trace around your template elements for each color.


2. For the owl body, fold over a piece of the darker colored paper first. Trace the owl body template so that the straight part of the template is along the folded part of the colored paper.

Trace Owl Template on Paper


3. Cut out the owl body. You should be able to open it like a card now.

Cut out Owl Body


4. Cut out the owl belly in a lighter color and glue to the front of the card.

Glue on the Belly to Owl Card


5.  Glue the ears to the back of the card.

Glue Owl Ears On


6. Make the eyes. Cut out a larger circle for the outside eye with the lighter colored cardstock and a smaller circle for the inside eye with white cardstock.

Cut out Circles for Owl Eyes


7.  Add a small dot with a black marker to the eyes. Glue the eyes to the front of the owl card.

Glue Eyes to Card

8.  Cut out 5 circles for the owl belly. Fold the circles in half and glue to the owl belly.

Glue 3 in a row at the top of the belly and 2 underneath.

Glue on Circles to Owl


9.  Fold over a small piece of orange cardstock and trace the beak template on it. Cut it out and glue it to the owl’s face.

Glue on a Beak for Owl


10.  Cut out the owl wings and glue to the sides of the card.

Glue on Owl Wings


11. Cut out the feet from orange cardstock and glue inside the card.

Glue on Feet to Owl Card


12. Now your card is done and you can write your message inside!

Write Inside Owl Card


We love how cute this card is! And kids will love making this easy owl card for any occasion!

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