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Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Looking for an easy way to make your own tooth fairy door hanger? You only need a few supplies to make this and no sewing required!


If you have light sleepers this is the perfect way to place a tooth for the tooth fairy!

The best part is the tooth fairy can easily slip off the door hanger to exchange the tooth. It’s easy to take off and on with the ribbon hanger!

Tooth Fairy Door Craft


Kids can help make this cute tooth fairy door hanger too! You only need a few supplies and there’s no sewing involved!

They will be so excited to place their tooth inside and hang it on their door!

This is perfect for light sleepers or kids who might be scared to have the tooth fairy come in their room.

Supplies Needed to Make a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Stiff White Felt – use a thicker felt which will be more sturdy. Regular felt will still work but the thicker felt is a bit more durable.

Large Googly Eyes

Thick White Ribbon

Black Acrylic Paint Marker or a Black Fabric marker

Hot Glue – adults to help with this step if needed

Tooth Template  – see the bottom of the post for the tooth template

Tooth Fairy Felt Pouch DIY

Watch the Video Tutorial Here


Directions to Make a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger


1. First, print off the tooth template. You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

2. Cut out 2 square pieces of the stiff white felt that will fit the size of the tooth template.

Make square felt pieces


3. Using the tooth template, cut around the template to get 2 felt teeth.

Cut out Tooth Template from Felt

4. Cut the white ribbon to size for how long you want it to hang.

Glue the ribbon to the top of one of the white felt teeth with hot glue.

Glue Ribbon to One Felt Tooth


5. Glue the other felt tooth on top but do not glue the top part of the tooth so that this can open up to place the tooth inside.

Glue another felt tooth on top


6. Glue on 2 googly eyes.

Glue on Googly Eyes to Felt Tooth


7. Add a smiley face with the black marker. Either a fabric marker or an acrylic paint marker will work well and won’t bleed on felt.

Add Smile to Felt Tooth


That’s it! Your tooth fairy door hanger is complete! This is so easy to make and your kids will be so excited to place their tooth inside before they go to bed!

Tooth Fairy Craft for Kids


Get the Free Printable Tooth Template

Get the Free Printable Tooth Template HERE


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