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Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft

If you’re looking for a fun and easy St Patrick’s day craft – then you have to try this leprechaun paper plate craft! Paper plate crafts can be an easy craft for kids to do on their own. And they can customize their leprechaun to look however they’d like!

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Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft for Kids

This paper plate leprechaun craft is easy for little leprechauns of all ages to create.  And if you’re a teacher, these would look great placed around the classroom for decoration. You can provide a sample of materials to use for the beard also – paper, puffy paint, painted cotton balls, or just orange paint would work well too!


St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft

Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Plate Leprechaun

What kind of glue should I use? 

Hot glue will always work best for googly eyes and pom poms (adult supervision required). If you prefer to use a regular white glue, we like to use an extra-strong glue, like this one. Just make sure to allow it to have plenty of time to dry.


Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft for Kids


Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Steps to Make a St Patrick’s Day Paper Plate Craft

1. Paint the paper plate.

Start by painting your paper plate first. Let the paper plate dry.

2. Cut out a hat from the green glitter paper that will fit the size of the top of the paper plate.

Cut out Leprechaun Hat

3. Glue a strip of black cardstock to the hat.

dd Brim to Leprechaun Hat

4. Add a gold buckle on top.

Cut out a square, then bend it slightly to make a mark with scissors in the middle so you can cut out the center of the square.

Add Gold Buckle to Hat

5. Glue the hat to the paper plate.

Now start to glue the orange pom poms around the outside edge of the paper plate.

Glue Pom Poms to Paper Plate


Keep gluing pom poms around the outside of the paper plate until you have 2 rows of them glued on. Instead of pom poms you can also use orange torn paper or orange puffy paint.

Glue Pom Poms on Leprechaun

6. Glue 2 googly eyes on.

Glue on Googly Eyes to paper plate

7. Glue on an orange pom pom for the nose.

Using the back of a paintbrush, add two small pink dots for the cheeks.

Add Pom Pom Nose and Cheeks


8. Add a smirk with a black marker or sharpie.

Add Leprechaun Smile with Marker

Now your paper plate leprechaun craft is complete! Kids will love playing with their finished leprechaun, or you can put it up on display!

Paper Plate St Patrick's Day Leprechaun


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Leprechaun Craft St patrick's day

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