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Shamrock Suncatcher

This shamrock suncatcher is so easy to make! We love how how easy they are to make. Get into the festive spirit for St Patrick’s day and make these colorful suncatchers today.

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Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

These suncatchers only require a few materials that you might already have on hand. You only need laminating paper, tissue paper, black cardstock and our free printable shamrock template. You can also draw your own shamrocks too!

Make a green shamrock with two shades of green, or make a rainbow version. And for more shamrock art, see our watercolor shamrock art.

Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

Supplies Needed To Make Shamrock Suncatchers

Shamrock St Patrick's Day Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Suncatcher

1. First, print off the template. You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

Cut out the template and use it to trace around black cardstock.

Trace Shamrock Template on Cardstock

2. Cut out the shamrock from your black cardstock.

Bend the center slightly to cut out the middle of the template, leaving only the black outline.

Make sure to cut out the bottom stem part too.

Cut out Shamrock Template

3. Then place the shamrock outline onto the sticky side of a piece of contact paper or self-adhesive laminating paper.

Place Shamrock on Laminating Paper

4. Cut up your tissue paper into small squares. You can also buy square tissue paper pieces.

Layer the tissue paper squares onto the contact paper or laminating paper. Don’t worry if you go outside of the outline, this will get trimmed off later!

Add Tissue Paper to Shamrock Suncatcher

5. Place another piece of self-adhesive laminating paper or contact paper on top of your finished shamrock and press down firmly. Be careful to lay the final sheet on flat so that you do not get any bumps or air bubbles when placing down.

Add Laminating Paper on Top Shamrock

6. Trim around your shamrock. Then use double-sided tape to add to your windows!

Make a green version or a rainbow colored version. Kids can choose any colors!

Green Shamrock Suncatcher

We love how colorful the rainbow version is too!

Rainbow Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

We hope you enjoy making these colorful shamrock suncatchers to brighten your windows for St Patrick’s Day!

Get the Free Printable Template Here

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