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Potato Stamping – How to Make a Potato Stamp

With Fall just around the corner, today we are sharing a brilliant and easy way to make potato stamps! There is nothing more fun than getting some paint out and doing vegetable painting in the Fall. This simple method for creating potato stamp art will have your kids busy for hours. So today, we’re showing you potato stamping – the easy way!

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Fall Potato Stamps

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Look how pretty these leaf and acorn stamps turned out. Make your potato printing art fall themed by using yellow, red and orange paints. You can even use colored ink instead of paint.

How to Make a Potato Stamp - Potato Stamping

Potato Stamping the Easy Way

Here’s what you’ll need to make your potato stamps:

  • A large potato
  • Cookie cutters – preferably ones like these that we used which have an imprint in them and will create more of a design when you stamp them
  • Paint

How to Make a Potato Stamp 

1. First cut your potato in half. Then press your cookie cutter into the potato as far as you can. Make sure the imprint portion of the cutter goes into the potato. If it doesn’t, flip the potato over and push down hard over top the potato.

Potato Stamping Leaf Cookie Cutter

2.  Now carefully cut around the edge of the cookie cutter (adults only) to leave a portion of potato sticking out where the cookie cutter was. Cut Potato Stamper

3. Peel away this excess portion of the potato.

Peel potato from stamp

4. Now your potato stamps are ready. Look how pretty they look!

Here is the acorn potato stamp we made:

Acorn Potato Stamp

Here is a leaf potato stamp:

Fall Leaf Potato Stamping

5. Add a little bit of paint to your stamp. Don’t add too much or the features won’t show up.

Paint Potato Stamp

Now have fun potato stamping away! You can make stamped cards, wrapping paper, or just plain print art.

Potato Stamp Painting

Fall Leaf Potato Stamp Art

We are going to be doing vegetable printing again for every holiday now. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and follow along so you can see when we do snowflakes for the Winter.

Easy Way to Make Potato Stamp

For another fun fall printing idea, check out how we made pinecone art by painting with pinecones.

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4 comments on “Potato Stamping – How to Make a Potato Stamp”

  1. hi can you tell me how long the potatoes are nice like this? do they brown overnight? I work at a museum and would love to use this but would need to prepare them the night before

    1. I usually use them right away, they would likely brown overnight. If using a cookie cutter they are pretty easy and quick to cut out though.

  2. Cactus Flower

    I love these crafts for children ,even for myself. I share them with my friends that are in daycare teachers,etc. Thank you for such fun ideas.

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