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Handprint Tree

We’re having fun heading into fall now and can’t wait to share all the crafts we have planned for this season! Today we’re showing you how to make this adorable handprint tree. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of handprint tree crafts before, but we love that this one is 3D and stands up and would make a lovely fall décor piece in your office or kitchen window.  If you haven’t seen our other fall crafts, be sure to check out our fall potato stamps and fall playdough. These are both fall activities the kids will love!

Handprint Tree

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Supplies to make a Handprint Tree

Here are the simple supplies you’ll need to make your autumn handprint tree:

Cardstock – brown, yellow, red and orange

– Paper Towel Roll

Glue Stick


Paper Plate

Green Paint

Pinecones and sticks for decoration

Fall Handprint Tree

Steps to Make Your Fall Handprint Tree

1. First paint your paper plate green and set aside to dry.

Paint Paper Plate Green

2. Cut slits in the bottom of the paper towel roll and tape to your paper plate.

Cut Slits in Paper Towel Tube

Tape Tube to make Handprint Tree

3. Then trace your hand and arm on the brown cardstock so that the “trunk” of the tree is long enough to cover the paper towel roll.

Trace hand on Brown Paper

4. Glue your handprint “trunk” to your paper towel roll.

Glue Handprint on Paper Towel Tube

5. Now trace regular handprints with your orange, yellow and red cardstock. You’ll need 5 handprints (1 for each finger) so you can choose which colors gets traced twice. We did orange, red, yellow, orange, and red.

Handprint Cut Outs for Fall Handprint Tree

6. Now you can glue your handprints to your tree! Add one to each finger.

Glue Hands on Handprint Tree

7. To cover the tape at the bottom, add some pinecones and sticks for decoration. Glue these down if you want them to be permanent. You may need to use hot glue if you want them to stay permanently. Have adults do this part or use cold hot glue that is rated safe for kids.

Autumn Handprint Tree

We absolutely love the way this turned out! It’s such a fun craft for kids to do too!
For more fun fall crafts, check out our fall potato stamping quick and easy tutorial for making potato stamps!

How to Make a Potato Stamp - Potato Stamping

And if you love homemade playdough, you’ll love these Fall scented homemade playdoughs!

And these handprint flowers are just as much fun to make! Make them red, orange and yellow for fall colors.

Handprint Flowers Craft for Kids

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