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Handprint Pigeon Craft

Do your kids love the pigeon books by Mo Willems? This adorable handprint pigeon craft is fun to make and makes a cute keepsake! This Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus craft is easy for kids of all ages to make and perfect to decorate the classroom or library.

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Mo Willems-Inspired Pigeon Craft

This Mo Willems-inspired handprint craft is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners who love the pigeon from his books. It’s the perfect keepsake and a great way to remember one of their favorite books.

Kids will love using their handprint to make the pigeon. Read one of the best-selling pigeon books afterwards and hang up your new art on the fridge or bedroom.

Hand Print Pigeon Craft

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Supplies Needed to Make Handprint Pigeon

  • Paintbrush – to apply paint onto your child’s hand
  • Black marker – for hand-drawn details
  • Glue stick
Mo Willems Handprint Pigeon

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Handprint Pigeon

1. Make a handprint.

Brush a coat of pale blue non-toxic tempera or acrylic paint onto your child’s hand.

Help stamp their hand onto the center of a piece of white cardstock, with their fingers and thumb spread apart.

Set aside to dry completely.

Note: Use a shade of blue paint that closely matches the pale blue cardstock that will be used later for the pigeon’s head.

Blue handprint on page

2. Make the pigeon’s head.

Draw a circle onto pale blue cardstock that is about 2″ in diameter. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect circle, the pigeon’s head is a little oval-shaped.

Cut out the circle and glue it to the end of the thumbprint, forming the pigeon’s head.

Gluing head on

3. Make the eye.

Next, draw a circle with an approximately 1″ diameter onto another piece of white cardstock. The circle doesn’t have to be perfectly round.

Cut the circle out and then use a black marker to outline the edge of it.

Marker line around paper circle eye

Glue the eye onto the head with a glue stick and draw the pupil onto the eye with the black marker.

Eyeball drawn on

4. Make the neck detail.

Cut out a small rectangle from white cardstock for the neck detail, making it approximately 1/2″ tall.

Outline the top and bottom with the black marker.

Marker outline on neck detail

Glue the rectangle onto the handprint neck.

Neck stripe glued down

5. Make the beak.

Cut a small beak from yellow cardstock to match the shape of the beak shown on the book cover.

Outline the edges with black marker and stick it onto the white cardstock on the left side of the pigeon’s head.

Yellow beak glued down

6. Draw the final details.

Use the black marker to draw the wing onto the painted handprint body, referencing the shape of the wing on the book cover.

Wing drawn on

Finally, draw 2 simple bird feet on the bottom of the pigeon.

Feet drawn on

Your pigeon is complete!

Don’t forget to write your child’s name and the date on the back so you can remember the age of your kids when they made them.

Mo Willems Handprint Pigeon Craft

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