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Father’s Day Word Scramble

Need a simple Father’s Day activity that both kids and adults can do? Try this free printable Father’s Day Word Scramble! It also comes with an answer key so you can easily solve all of the Father’s Day-themed words.

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Father's Day Word Scramble Free Printable

Free Printable Father’s Day Word Scramble

This word scramble is a simple activity to print for a Father’s Day picnic or BBQ. The whole family will enjoy unscrambling the words!

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Grab the free printable PDF at the bottom of the post.

Father's Day Word Scramble Sheet

Simply download, print, and start unscrambling!

Father's Day Word Scramble Free Sheet

Some tips you can give to kids to help them unscramble the words:

  • Look at the vowels and consonants separately.
  • Think of all of the Father’s Day-related words you know. Write them down. Do you notice some of the same letters? Write down anything that comes to mind and compare. 
  • Often mixing up the letters on your own can help. Re-write the letters in a different way and see if anything familiar pops out.
  • For younger kids, write out all of the answer words on the sheet for them to look at or use our word matching page that has the answers they can match with the unscrambled words.
Word Scramble Match Father's Day

There is also a full answer sheet included so you can easily identify the answers for kids. You can also cut out the answer words and kids can glue them onto the worksheet.

Father's Day Word Scramble with Answers

Make it a game:

  • See who can solve them all first for a prize.
  • Set a time limit and see how many they can answer!

Ways to use this word scramble:

Ways to extend this activity:

Extend this activity further by having kids come up with their own Father’s Day words to scramble. They can then quiz siblings, parents, or classmates on the words they scrambled on their own.

Word Scramble for Father's Day

Get the Free Printable Father’s Day Word Scramble Sheet Here

Note: these printables are for personal or school use only.

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