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Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

If you love making recycled crafts with toilet paper rolls – then this toilet paper roll cactus craft is a fun one to try! You just need a few paper rolls, paint and some glue.

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Toilet Paper Roll Cactus Craft for Kids

These cute cactus toilet paper rolls are not only fun to make – but they would also be great to decorate a room or a desk in an office.

Kids of all ages can make these too! And if you like this cactus craft – see our rock version.

Paper Roll Cactus

Supplies Needed to Make Toilet Paper Roll Cactus

2 Toilet Paper Rolls and 1 Paper Towel Roll (you can also use 2 paper towel rolls and cut 1 in half for the smaller cactus)

Googly Eyes

Acrylic Paint – Green, white and light brown. This set of acrylic paints comes with enough colors to make everything you need. You can mix the brown and orange to get a lighter brown/terracotta look for the egg cups.

2 egg cups from an egg carton

Small pom poms 


Watch the full video tutorial here!


How to Make a Paper Roll Cactus

To Make the Large Cactus: 

1. First, make the large paper roll cactus by trimming a paper towel roll and making the top rounded. You can also use a toilet paper roll but it won’t be as tall.

Trim Paper Roll

2. On the remaining paper towel roll piece, trace and cut out 2 arms for the cactus. You can draw the arm on paper first and use it to trace on the paper towel roll.

Trace Cactus Arm

3. Paint all of the pieces green.

Then glue the arms to the side of the paper towel roll.

Using a small paintbrush, make small X marks with white paint all over the cactus.

Paint the paper roll cactus

4. Glue on the googly eyes.

Add Googly Eyes to Cactus

To make the small cactus: 

1. Trim the top of the paper roll so that the front of it is rounded with a little band on the bottom.

Trim Toilet Paper Roll for Cactus

The band on the bottom will help it stand up better in the egg cup.

Cut small cactus from toilet paper

2. Paint the toilet paper roll green. Once dry, using white acrylic paint add dots or hash marks to it.

Paint Small Cactus

3. Glue a small pom pom to the top.

Add Pom Pom to Small Cactus

4. Add googly eyes to the toilet paper roll.

Then paint an egg cup in a light brown/terracotta color to look like a pot and place the cactus in the egg cup.

Small Cactus Craft

We love how easy these little cacti are to make! Make one or make all 3!

For another fun cactus craft, see these cute pet cactus rocks.

How to make DIY cactus rocks


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