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Tape Resist Christmas Tree Cards

For a beautiful handmade card idea, make some tape resist Christmas tree cards! These trees are easy to make using washi tape and paint. You can even put your card in a frame to display for the holidays!

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Tape Resist Painted Christmas Tree Cards

Kids will love to try this painting technique using washi tape and acrylic paint. If you do not have washi tape you can also use painter’s tape.

Each tree will turn out different and unique. You can make some cards for friends and family and also put one in a frame to display at home every year!

Tape Resist Painted Christmas Tree Card

Here are some cute tree-themed sayings you can use:

  • I hope your Christmas is tree-mendous!
  • I’m pine-ing for you!
  • Being your friend is a real tree-t!
Line Painted Christmas Tree Card

Supplies to Make Christmas Tree Cards

Here is what you will need to make the Christmas tree cards:

  • White cardstock
  • Acrylic paint – we used red, light green, dark green and gold
  • Washi tape – we used this 6mm size but any size would work. The smaller the tape, the thinner the lines in between your design. You can also use painter’s tape. Note: painter’s tape from our experience does not peel away as easily as the washi tape.
  • White Glue
  • Glitter (optional) – red, green and gold. You can also use biodegradable eco glitter.
  • Paintbrush
Washi Tape Painted Christmas Tree

Watch The Video Tutorial!

Zigzag painted Christmas Tree

How To Make Your Own Christmas Tree Cards

1. Start by folding a piece of cardstock in half to make a card.

Fold over white cardstock

2. Use washi tape or painter’s tape to outline a large triangle on the front of the card for the tree.

Start with the base of the tree and then add two strips to make the peak of the triangle.

Add 2 vertical lines of tape under the triangle to create a tree trunk.

Make triangle for tree

3. Make a design inside the tree shape with washi tape.

You can do stripes, diagonal lines, zig zag lines or come up with your own unique design!

Here are the designs we did:

Add Tape to Cards

This is the zig zag pattern:

Zigzag tape pattern

4. Carefully paint inside the tree with acrylic paint.

Brush on a few thin layers of paint.

Paint one layer, then add another layer on top.

We painted the trunk of the tree with gold but you can also use brown or any other color here.

Paint in between tape
Line Christmas Tree Card
Tape Resist Painted Tree Cards

5. After the paint is dry, add glitter.

Brush on some glue with a small paint brush to a section of the tree and sprinkle on glitter.

Carefully shake off any glitter that did not stick to the glue.

Add Glitter on Top

6. Remove the washi tape to reveal your beautiful tree!

Carefully remove the tape, starting from the last piece of tape that was added.


If the tape starts to remove the paper when removing, stop. Then pull from the opposite end instead. Go slow during this step so that it does not pull off the paper with it.

Pull Tape off Card

7. Write a Christmas saying or message inside your card.

DIY Painted Christmas Tree Card

We love how beautiful these trees turn out. Kids will love to get creative and come up with their own Christmas tree designs! You will want to make a bunch of these Christmas tree cards to hand out this year!

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