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Summer Coloring Pages

We have a fun selection of 10 adorable Summer Coloring Pages.  Choose from popsicles, camping, beach scenes and more! We love the summer word coloring page too!

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Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages

We have 10 cute coloring pages to choose from here! Choose from a summer fruits, ice cream, swimming, camping and more!

You can get the PDF printable page under each image.

Note – make sure to click the link below the coloring page for the PDF version. The images below are not print resolution.

Please also note these coloring pages are for personal or school use only and are not to be resold or reformatted in any way.

Printing Tip: Make sure to select “fit to printable area” so that the printer does not cut off the bottom of the coloring page.


If you’re looking for more summer coloring pages, check out our spring coloring pages which has a selection of flowers and other summer-related coloring pages too!

Camping Coloring Page

Camping Summer Coloring Page


Get the Camping Coloring Page Here


Beach Coloring Page

Summer Beach Coloring Page


Get the Beach Coloring Page Here


Fruits Coloring Page

Summer Fruit Coloring Page


Get the Fruits Coloring Page Here


Swimming Coloring Page

Summer Pool Coloring Page


Get the Swimming Coloring Page Here


Ocean Coloring Page

Ocean Summer Coloring Page


Get the Ocean Coloring Page Here


Popsicle & Ice Cream Coloring Page

Summer Popsicles Coloring Page


Get the Popsicle and Ice Cream Coloring Page Here


Lemonade Coloring Page

Summer Lemonade Coloring Page

Get the Lemonade Coloring Page Here


Pineapple Coloring Page

Summer Pineapple Coloring Page


Get the Pineapple Coloring Page Here


Summer Letters Coloring Page

Summer Letters Coloring Page


Get the Summer Letters Coloring Page Here


Camper Van Coloring Page

Camper Van Coloring Page

Get the Camper Van Coloring Page Here



We love how fun these coloring pages are! Which one is your favorite?

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Guest Creator: 

Diana Author ImageDiana Gosi is the artist behind these summer coloring pages. She is a Mom, designer and loves to make cute printables for kids. She is also the creator behind Clever Dino Club.

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