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Mother’s Day Card Craft

With spring here now we are looking forward to flowers and Mother’s day. This 3D tulip Mother’s day card craft is the perfect craft and card activity for kids! Not only does this make a beautiful Mother’s day gift from kids but it’s also a really easy to make Mother’s day card too. Moms will love receiving this handmade card. And we’ve made it really simple by including a free printable template you can use.

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Mother's Day Card Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day Card Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for an easy Mother’s day craft to make with kids, this one is really easy to make! With the printable templates you can easily trace around the tulip and flower pot to make this card. Kids can write their own special message inside the flower pot card too!

Paper Tulip Mothers Day Card

Supplies Needed

  • Alphabet lettering stickers or you can write “MOM” on the front of the card with a marker
  • Glue – we like to use tacky glue which is perfect for kids to use on pipe cleaners.
  • Tulip and flower pot templates – you can get the template emailed to you at the bottom of the post
Tulip Mothers Day Card Craft

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Steps to Make a Paper Tulip Mother’s Day Card

1. Print the template.

First print off the printable template and cut out the tulip and flower pot. You can get the template emailed to you at the bottom of the post.

Tulip Card Template

2. Make the flower pot.

Trace the flower pot template on some brown kraft or construction paper. You’ll need to trace and cut out two. One for the top and one for the bottom (where you’ll write your message). You can also make the flower pot any color you’d like!

3. Cut out the tulips.

Cut out 2 paper tulips for each tulip flower you’d like to add. We made 3 tulips so needed 6 paper tulips in total.

Cut out Paper Tulips

4. Fold the paper tulip in half first.

Make a Paper Tulip

5. Then fold the two sides in the opposite direction.

This will allow the center to pop off the paper. Then glue down the two sides to another paper tulip.

Glue Paper Tulips together

6. Glue the 3 tulips to a 12×12 piece of cardstock.

You can also fit everything on a regular sized paper. Glue the 2 flower pots on top of each other also, where the top one is only glued by the brim of the pot.

Glue Paper Tulips to Card

7. Glue on 3 bright green pipe cleaners for the stems.

Cut out 3 leaves and glue these to the side of the pipe cleaners.

DIY Mothers Day Card Craft

8. Add MOM lettering stickers to the front of the flower pot.

You can also just write “MOM” on the front with a marker too.

Add Mom Stickers to Mothers Day Card

8. Write a special Mother’s day message inside the card.

“Mom, thank you for helping me grow!”

We love how simple this card is to make. Kids of all ages can help put it together. They can even draw or decorate the flower pot. Then add a special message or poem inside.

Mother's Day DIY Card Craft

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Tulip Card Template

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