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Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Kids will love to pretend to hatch these frozen dinosaur eggs. You can use small dinosaur toys inside the eggs with recycled balloons to make the eggs!

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Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Activity

We love how easy this activity is to set up! And kids will love helping too. They will be so excited to “hatch” these dinosaur eggs with some water.  And you only need a few supplies to make these!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play

Supplies Needed to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Small Dinosaur Toys

Used Balloons (save them!) – must be 12 inch size or larger to fit the water and dinosaur




Frozen Dinosaur Egg Activity


We froze the eggs with water only but you could also add some food coloring into the eggs to make them colored!

Dinosaur Frozen Egg Sensory Play


Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

1. Start by saving any used balloons.

Save your used balloons

2. Cut off the tip of where the balloon was tied. Try to cut as closely as possible to this spot to give yourself more space to retie the balloon.

Cut Tip Off Balloon

3. Place one small dinosaur inside the balloon. Stretch the opening as wide as you can to place it in. You may need someone else to help place it in for you.

Open Balloon to Put Dinosaur In


Place Dinosaur in Balloon

4. Add water into the balloon.

Because part of the top is cut off, it’s easier to place the balloon over a small faucet and hold the top of the balloon on the faucet while it’s filling up. If you do not hold the top, the water may spill out before the balloon is filled up.

Fill Balloon with Water

5. Tie the balloon again. Because you have less balloon to work with, this part can be tricky. Stretch the end as much as possible and then retie. If you still cannot get it tied you may need to let some water out.

Freeze Balloons with Dinosaurs

6. Freeze until frozen.

Once frozen you can use scissors to cut off the balloon.

Take Balloon Off Frozen Egg


7. Now kids can have fun “hatching” the eggs with some warm water! We used a small bowl of warm water and a dropper to melt the eggs.

Dinosaur Frozen Egg


Melt Frozen Dinosaur Egg


Kids will love this fun activity – and we love that you can reuse balloons for another purpose too!

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