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Frozen Dinosaurs

Kids will love to pretend to excavate these frozen dinosaurs. You can use dinosaur fossil toys to make it more like a dinosaur dig or just use regular dinosaur toys to rescue from the ice!

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Frozen Dinosaurs Activity

Frozen Dinosaur Activity

We love how easy this activity is to set up! And kids will love helping too. They will be so excited to “dig” or “rescue” their dinosaur fossils. And you only need a few supplies to make this!

Frozen Dinosaur Excavation

Supplies Needed to Make Frozen Dinosaurs

Dinosaur fossil toys

– Ziploc containers or other storage containers – we used the small square containers

Brown food coloring (optional)


– Water


Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make Frozen Dinosaur Fossils

1. Start by selecting what container you want to place your dinosaur toys in. You can use dinosaur fossil toys or you can use regular dinosaur toys.

Place 2 into a container or place 1 large one. We used small square containers.

Dinosaur Fossil Toys for Frozen Dinosaurs

2. Add some brown food coloring to water. Only add a little bit or it will get too dark. If you don’t have brown, you can mix 1 drop red, 1 drop blue and 10 drops yellow to make brown. You can also leave the water plain.

Add Brown Food Coloring to Water

3. Add the water into the container. If you find your dinosaurs are floating, you can freeze half of the water first then add another layer and freeze again.

Add Dinosaur Toys to Containers

4. Now place the containers in the freezer until frozen.

Using warm water you can use pipettes or droppers to add the warm water to the frozen blocks and “excavate” your dinosaur fossils out.

Frozen Dinsoaur Fossils

5. Keep adding water until you have “excavated” all of the dinosaur fossils.

Rescue the Dinosaurs Activity

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