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Fork Painted Flowers

Looking for a really simple toddler or preschool craft for Mother’s Day? These fork painted flowers are really easy for kids to add to a Mother’s Day Card! Use our free printable included on the post to make the vase too!

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Fork Painted Flowers – Mother’s Day Cards

We love how simple it is to make flowers with a fork! You can use a regular fork or a disposable fork. Even a baby fork works well and makes smaller flowers!

Fork Painted Flowers Craft

The best part about making these cards is you only need paint, paper and a fork!


Supplies to Make Fork Painted Flower Cards

Here are the supplies you’ll need: 

Acrylic Paint – you can also use washable paint but for older kids I prefer acrylic since it’s a little thicker to work with

Colored Cardstock – for the leaves and flower pots

White Cardstock – to make the card

-Fork – any kind of fork works – either a disposable, small regular fork or baby fork


Watch the Video Tutorial Here


How to Make Fork Painted Flower Cards

1. Start by dipping your fork into paint.

Dip Fork into Paint


2. Fold a piece of white cardstock paper in half.

Press the fork onto your paper and make sure the whole tip of the fork touches the paper to transfer the design.

Press Fork Onto Card

3. Make 3 flowers for each card you’d like to make.

Using green paint, draw a stem coming down from each flower.

Paint Flower Stems On


4. Cut out small leaves for your flower from green cardstock or construction paper. Glue the leaves to your flower stems.

Glue on Leaves to Fork Flowers


5. Using our free printable template (you can grab it at the bottom of the post), trace around colored cardstock for the vase.

Cut out the vase and glue it to the card.

Glue Vase onto Fork Flower Card


6. Write your special Mother’s Day message inside!

Fork Painted Flower Card

We love how easy these cards are to make! And the best part is you don’t need a lot of supplies. Mom will surely love getting this card for Mother’s Day too!


Get the Free Printable Vase Template

Get the FREE printable vase template HERE


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  1. Jackie Hourani

    Love this craft! So easy and cheap. I haven’t seen this before so it’s a unique gift for mom! Thank you!

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