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Valentine Ladybug Craft

This Valentine ladybug craft is the cutest love bug craft for kids! You can even turn this into a card and write a message on the back. These would be great to give to friends and family or to put on a bulletin board in a classroom!

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Ladybug Valentine Craft

This adorable ladybug Valentine craft is really easy to make for Valentine’s Day! You can use our free printable template to cut out all of the shapes, or you can make your own!

If you’re a teacher, these are great to make as a classroom and place on a bulletin board!

Supplies Needed To Make A Paper Valentine Ladybug Craft

You only need a handful of supplies to make this craft. We’ve made it simple by providing a free printable template, but you can also cut out your own shapes by hand if you prefer.

  • Cardstock – Black, Red and White 
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Photo – you want a photo where nothing is in front of the face (like hair or hands) and big enough to fit on top of the ladybug body. You can print on cardstock or photo paper if needed.
  • Free Printable Template – you can get the template at the bottom of the post on the email form that shows a preview of the template 

What kind of glue should I use? Since this is all paper, we like to use glue sticks. But white or school glue will work well too.

Valentine Ladybug Craft for Kids

Watch the full tutorial video here!

Directions For How To Make A Valentine Paper Ladybug

1. First print off the template or draw your own shapes.

Trace around the large heart on red cardstock for the wings.

Trace around the circle on red cardstock for the body.

Trace around the two rectangles on black cardstock. Make 6 of the larger one for the legs and 2 of the smaller one for the antennae.

Trace around the small heart on white cardstock for the top of the antennae. Make 2 small white hearts.

Then make 4 black hearts for the body and 6 white hearts for the legs.

2. Glue the 2 red hearts to the antennae strips.

Make Ladybug Antennas

3. Accordion fold the 6 legs.

Make Ladybug Legs

4. Glue a white heart to the end of each leg.

Glue Hearts on Legs

5. Glue the legs to the body. Then glue the 4 black hearts to the body.

Glue Legs to Ladybug Body

6. Glue the head to the body.

Then glue each antenna behind the head.

Glue Head to Ladybug Body

7. Finally, glue the two heart wings to the back of the body.

Ladybug Valentine Craft for Kids

Now your adorable love bug ladybug Valentine is complete!

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