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Shamrock Paper Chain

Need an easy way to decorate for St Patrick’s Day? Then make this shamrock paper chain! You just need green paper to make it. These paper shamrock garlands come together in just a few minutes!

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Paper Chain Made with Shamrocks

You can make these paper shamrocks on your own or use our free printable template! Either way they are fun to make and kids will love creating their own paper chain for St Patrick’s Day.

Clover paper chain

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Supplies Needed

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Printable template – get the template at the bottom of the post
paper clover chain craft

Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Make a Paper Shamrock Chain

1. Cut out the shamrock template.

You can get the free template at the bottom of the post.

When folding, if you are using the free printable shamrock template, make sure that the fold you start with is as wide as the template, as shown below. The edges of the template should touch both sides of the fold.

get measurement for fold

2. Accordion fold the paper.

Begin by folding your paper starting on the short end of the paper.

Continue accordion-folding the paper back and forth like you would when making a paper fan, trying to keep the folds as even as possible.

3. Trace the template.

When the paper is all folded, use a pencil to trace the shamrock onto the folded paper.

trace shamrock template

You should be able to fit 3 shamrocks on 1 paper.

trace shamrock 3 times

4. Cut out the shamrocks.

Make sure to not cut the part where the dotted lines are on the template. This ensures that the shamrocks will still be connected on the paper chain.

cut out shamrock

Unfold the paper and you should have about 2 and 1/2 shamrock shapes.

open paper shamrock

5. Tape or glue together.

Now take another cut-out and line it up and glue together to form the paper chain.

glue paper chains together

You can glue together as many as you’d like!

Each paper you fold will give you 3 paper cut-outs with approximately 2 and 1/2 shamrocks. Continue gluing together the cut-outs until you are happy with the length.

Get the Free Template

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