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Monster Blow Painting

For a fun process art activity for Halloween, try this monster blow painting art! Kids can create all kinds of different monsters. They can customize it however they’d like and make every monster or ghost unique!

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Monster Blow Painting Art

This blow painted art for Halloween is a lot of fun to make! You can also make ghosts using white paint and black paper. Try making all kinds of different colored monsters or ghosts!

Halloween Blow Painting

Monster Blow Painting Supplies

– Acrylic Paint – we used neon colors for the monsters and white for the ghosts

– Water


– Straw

Googly Eyes

– Black Marker

White Chalk Marker or Paint

White and Black Cardstock

Ghost Blow Painting

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Monster Blow Painting Craft

How to Make Straw Blow Painted Monsters and Ghosts

1. Start by mixing in a bit of water to each color of paint you want to use.

You want it to be a little watery so that when you blow the paint will move, but not too watery that when it dries it will dry more transparent.

Use different cups or bowls for each color you want to use.

Add Paint to Cups
Add Water to Paint

2. Using a dropper, pick up some of the paint and drop onto the paper.

Use a dropper to add paint

3. Using a straw, blow the paint around in different directions.

If you find there is not enough paint to blow, add more with the dropper.

If you find it is not blowing that well, you need to add more water to your paint.

Blow with a straw

For the ghosts, blow down in the same direction to make the ghost shape.

Blow Paint White for Ghosts

For the monsters, you can blow any direction to make them all look different!

Blow Paint Different Colors

4. Let the paint dry, then decorate!
Add googly eyes.

Add Googly Eyes to Monster

Add a mouth to each monster and ghost with a black marker.

Add Mouth to Monsters

To add teeth, draw the mouth with a black marker and then add white paint or white chalk marker inside the teeth.

Add Teeth to Monsters

Your blow painted monsters and ghosts are now done!

These monsters all turn out so unique.

If you’re a teacher, each student can make their own unique monster and you can add it to a bulletin board for a fun Halloween display! You can make them much larger by using more paint.

Blow Painting Art for Halloween

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