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Magnetic Sensory Bottles

Playing with magnets is a fun educational activity. We’ll show you how to make 3 simple magnetic sensory bottles using our favorite magnet activity kit.

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Note: please make sure to read the safety information of the magnets you choose. Some have small parts and are not meant for children under 3. Also, we recommend buying a magnet kit like this one which is designed for kids 5+.

Magnet Sensory Bottle

You may see that some magnetic sensory bottles have water in them. We didn’t use water and found them to still be effective and fun in using the magnet wands. By not putting water in, you also avoid having the items inside rust. You can easily switch out the items too without a mess.

Supplies Needed to Make Magnetic Sensory Bottles

Here is what you need to make these 3 bottles: 

A magnet kit – we like this one by Learning Resources because it comes with the magnet wands, chips and other magnets you can use to do experiments with.

You can also buy the magnet wands separately here.

Paper clips – a pack with different colors like this works well

Pipe cleaners

Clear sensory bottles

Watch the Full Video Tutorial Here


Magnet Chips Sensory Bottle

Directions to Make Magnetic Sensory Bottles

We made 3 bottles – a paper clip bottle, a magnet chip bottle and a pipe cleaner bottle.

Start with an empty plastic bottle. We are using these clear plastic sensory bottles but you can use any plastic bottle (even a recycled one) as long as it’s clear.

Empty Sensory Bottle

For the paper clip one, we added red, yellow, green, blue and purple paper clips:

Add Paper Clips to Bottle

For the magnetic chip bottle, we added the magnet chips that came in the same kit as the wands (link to the kit is above).

Add Magnet Chips to Bottle

For the pipe cleaner bottle, we cut up pipe cleaners into smaller pieces and added red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Add Pipe Cleaner to Bottle

We hope you enjoy learning about magnets with these 3 easy to make sensory bottles!

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    I send your crafts to my grandkids. Did a lot of these in therapy with kids. Thank you for sharing 

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