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I Spy Alphabet Bottle

This I Spy alphabet bottle is a fun twist on the traditional I Spy sensory bottles. Kids will love searching for all of the letters and they can learn the difference between uppercase and lowercase too!

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I spy alphabet sensory bottle

I Spy Sensory Bottle

Play I Spy with this fun and easy sensory bottle! It’s easy to set-up and will keep kids busy finding all of the letters. And they can learn the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters!

You can do this with one set of letters too – but we liked having the variety in the bottle. The little beads are much easier to spot than the larger beads, so you can also adjust for the age (older kids can find the lowercase beads for example which are harder to find).

Alphabet I Spy Bottle

Save your large letter beads and you can use them for this fun alphabet sensory bag too!

Supplies Needed to Make an I Spy Alphabet Bottle

– Long grain rice

Large alphabet beads – we used these for lowercase

Small alphabet beads

Clear sensory bottle

– Funnel

– Alphabet matching printables – see the links at the bottom of the post for the free printables

I spy bottle activity

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make an Alphabet I Spy Bottle

1. Start with a clear sensory bottle.

Add in some large lowercase beads. We only put one of every letter in for the large ones.

Alphabet Beads for I Spy

Add in some small letter beads for uppercase. We made sure we had at least one of every letter but also included extras.

Beads for I Spy Bottle


Add beads into bottle

2. Fill the remaining bottle with long grain rice. Don’t fill the rice all of the way. You want to be able to turn the bottle around in order to still see the letters.

Using a funnel will make it easier to add the rice in.

Add Rice to Bottle

3. Now you can use our free printables to find all of the letters!

Choose between 2 versions:

1 – You can circle the letters when they are found.  Get the circle version. 

2 – You can trace the letters to practice writing too. Get the letter traced version. 


This is a great activity you can pull out for a rainy day. You can even switch it up and add other small items in to play I Spy with!

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