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Alphabet Sensory Bag

This alphabet sensory bag is a fun sensory and learning activity for kids. If you are teaching the alphabet or want to teach lowercase and uppercase letters, this simple activity set-up is perfect for pre-k or kindergarten!

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Alphabet Sensory Bag for Kids

Alphabet Sensory Bag Activity

This letter activity is really easy to set up! You only need a sealed top bag, hair gel, sharpies and letters. You can even use small letters like letter beads and add them into smaller circles to make the whole alphabet.

Alphabet Letter Bag

Supplies Needed to Make an Alphabet Matching Sensory Bag

Sealed Bag – we used Large Ziploc bags

Clear Hair Gel – you may need 1 or 2 bottles depending on the size of the bottle. Check your dollar store for a low cost option.

Colored Sharpies

Letters – we used these Letter Magnets. But you can use any type of plastic letters. You could even use letter beads and make smaller circles with the whole alphabet.

Alphabet Sensory Bag Letter Match

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make an Alphabet Sensory Bag

1. Start by tracing circles on your bag with colored sharpies. We matched the color of the sharpie to our letter for color matching but you can use any colors too.

We used a small plastic cup to trace for the circles.

Make Circles on Bag

2. If your letter magnets or letters are uppercase, write lowercase letters in the circles.

Add Letters to circles on Bag

3. Add hair gel into the bag. We didn’t measure the amount but filled it so that it was enough to move the letters around. If you are finding it is difficult to move the letters, add more hair gel in.

Then you can add in your letters and seal the bag.

If you are worried about leaking, you can add extra duct tape on top of the bag to make sure the bag does not accidentally open.

Add Hair Gel and Letters to Bag

Your bag is now ready!

Kids will love moving the letters around to match the lowercase and uppercase letters.

To start, we placed all of them at the bottom of the bag so it is easier to see the circles and what letters are in each.

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