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Heart Button Art

Need a DIY Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day card? Grab some pink or red buttons and create this button heart! You will love making this card and gifting it to someone special this year!

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Button Heart Card

This button heart is a fun project for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

You can even write “Moms are like buttons, they hold everything together” inside the card.

Pink Button Heart Art

Kids will love making their own button heart – and the best part is that each heart will turn out unique!

DIY Button Heart Art

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make the heart button card:

Supplies to make a button heart

Directions to Make a Button Heart

1. Trace a heart onto your card.

If using a regular sheet of cardstock, fold the cardstock in half to create a card.

Trace the heart onto your blank card using the outside of a heart cookie cutter.

You can also print off a heart template and trace the template.

Trace Heart onto Cardstock

2.  Glue buttons on the heart outline.

Start by gluing buttons around the heart outline first. Hot glue works well for buttons (with adult assistance) but you can also use tacky glue. Just make sure to allow enough time for the tacky glue to dry before moving the card.

Start with one button in the middle of the top of the heart and work your way around the pencil outline.

The medium-sized buttons work well for the outline.

Glue buttons on to heart

3. Glue more buttons inside the heart.

Continue gluing buttons inside the heart.

Start with some larger buttons and fill in the empty spaces with smaller buttons. Work your way around the heart until the center is full.

Heart Button Art Craft

This is a fun DIY card to make for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Pink Button Heart

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