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Handprint Penguin

With cold or rainy temperatures in the winter we have the perfect indoor craft for you to try!   This handprint penguin is such a cute and fun winter craft! And we love that our handprint crafts double as keepsakes that you can gift or keep yourself!

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Handprint Penguin Craft for Kids

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Handprint Penguin

Penguin Handprint Craft

Supplies Needed to Make a Handprint Penguin Craft

White felt

Black cardstock (or black construction paper)

Orange cardstock or construction paper

12×12 light blue cardstock – I like to use 12×12 which gives a larger page size for 2 handprints – but you can use a regular 8.5×11 page size too and just fit 1 handprint on it

Googly Eyes

White pom poms

– Snowflake stickers or fabric embellishments – these ones are similar to the ones we used

Penguin Handprint


Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!


How to Make a Handprint Penguin

1. First cut out some white felt to the size of your paper.

I like to use 12×12 cardstock paper for 2 handprints so they fit well on the page. If you have regular 8.5×11 paper you can put 1 handprint on instead.

Cut the white felt in a wave pattern to make it look like snow on the ground.

Add White Felt Snow for Penguin Craft

2. Trace and cut out your handprints.

Trace both hands or trace the same hand twice and round the bottom of the handprint which will make the top of the penguin head.

Pengiun Handprints Cut Out

3. Now you can decorate your penguins!

We added a round piece of felt for the belly, googly eyes, and an orange beak.

To make your round felt bellies: simply trace around a round object you have (like a bottle).

To make the beak: cut out a diamond shape from orange paper and then fold it in half.

Now glue your two handprints to the blue cardstock.

Penguin Handprints

4. Now the final part is to decorate your sky with snowflakes!

We added white pom poms and sticker snowflakes to make the final touch with this penguin handprint art!

You can also paint some snowflakes on with white paint or add white sequins.

Penguin Handprint Art


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See these adorable free printable winter coloring pages for kids!

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