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Grinch Handprint

‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ is such a classic Christmas movie. If you love this movie, then you will love creating this adorable Grinch handprint card. You can also make Cindy Lou and Max to go with it! Give these as Christmas cards this year or add as gift tags.

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Grinch Handprint Craft

Grinch Handprint Cards

Turn your favorite Grinch movie character into a cute Christmas card! Choose from The Grinch, Max or Cindy Lou!

And you can even write “Merry Grinchmas” inside the card.

Grinch Handprint Cards


And if you love Grinch themed crafts – see our Grinch ornament card, which you can get a free printable template to create.


Supplies Needed to Make Grinch Handprint Cards


Watch the Video Tutorial Here


How to Make Grinch Handprint Cards

You can create each card as a set or make your favorite one! Follow our easy step-by-step directions for each card.

First, start by tracing the handprint for each card on white cardstock.

Trace Handprint on White Cardstock

Cindy Lou: Trace the handprint so the pinky is along the folded part.

Max: Trace the handprint so that the thumb is on the folded part. Note: we did the pinky which is ok too but you will need to flip the card around so it opens the traditional way.

Grinch: Trace the handprint so that the thumb is on the folded part.


Cut out each card:

Cut out Handprint

Then paint each card and let the paint dry: 

Paint Handprints with Acrylic Paint


Cindy Lou: Paint the face the color of your choice and paint the fingers yellow.

Max: Paint the middle a light brown and the thumb and pinky a dark brown.

Grinch: Paint the bottom part of the handprint a lime green and the fingers red.


Now follow the steps for each handprint card: 


Cindy Lou Handprint Card

Grinch Cindy Lou Handprint Card

Glue 2 ribbon bows to the “hair” on the index and ring finger. Glue a Christmas bell on top.

Add Bows to Cindy Lou Hair

Glue 2 small googly eyes on.

Using a black sharpie, draw on the eyelashes, nose and mouth.

Draw face of Cindy Lou On


Max Handprint Card

Grinch Max Handprint Card

Glue 2 large googly eyes and a black pom pom for the nose.

Glue on Googly Eyes and Pom Pom to Max


Draw an antler shape on cream or light brown cardstock and cut out.  You can also paint white cardstock instead.

Glue the antler paper shape to the top of the handprint.

Add Antlers to Max Handprint

Glue a ribbon bow on top. Then glue a Christmas bell on top of the bow.

Glue Bow and Bell on Max



Grinch Handprint Card

Grinch Handprint Card

Glue cotton balls along the brim of the hat area and glue a white pom pom on the thumb.

Add Cotton Balls to Grinch

Glue on a ribbon bow to the bottom of the handprint and glue a Christmas bell on top.

Glue on Bow and Bell

Glue on 2 googly eyes.

Glue on Googly Eyes for Grinch

Draw on the eyebrows, wrinkles, nose and mouth with a black sharpie.

Grinch Handprint Card Craft

We love how cute these handprint cards are! The Grinch may be our favorite.

As an alternative to the Grinch face you could also paint a more realistic face with the eyes being yellow.


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