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Color Sorting Sensory Bag

This color sorting sensory bag is a fun sensory and learning activity for kids. This simple activity set-up is perfect for pre-k if you are teaching kids about colors.

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Color Sorting Sensory Bag Activity

This color activity is really easy to set up!

This activity comes from an amazing recycled activity book for kids – Recycle and Play. This book is packed with 50 activities to do with kids. It uses recycled materials and has a nice assortment of learning, play, sensory and fine motor activities.

And if you love recycled activities – also see our recycled craft for kids books!

Recycle and Play Book

This activity is a great one for practicing fine motor (moving the beads) and learning colors!

caterpillar activity

Supplies Needed To Make a Color Sensory Bag

You only need a gallon sized sealed top bag, hair gel, permanent markers and pony beads. You could use other small colorful objects instead of beads such as buttons or pom poms.

Sealed Bag – we used Large Ziploc Bags

Clear Hair Gel – you may need 1 or 2 bottles depending on the size of the bottle. Check your dollar store for a low cost option. You can also use clear shampoo or body wash gel, just be aware these create more bubbles in the bag.

Colored Permanent Markers – You will need 6 colors

Beads– we used pony beads in 6 colors that matched the permanent markers

Large Googly Eyes

Lid – you will need a lid from a small jar or bottle cap for tracing the circles.

Glue – use an extra strong glue for the googly eyes.

caterpillar sensory bag activity

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How To Make a Color Sorting Sensory Bag

1. Start by tracing 6 circles on your bag, each one with a different colored permanent marker. We matched the color of the marker to our beads for color matching.

We used a jar lid to trace the circles. You could also use a small cup for this step.

Trace Jar Lid

2. Finish making 6 circles in a U shape for the caterpillar’s body.

With a black permanent marker, add 2 antennae to the caterpillar’s head.

Draw the rest of the circles

3. Glue on 2 large googly eyes to the head.

Add Googly Eyes to Caterpillar

4. Add hair gel into the bag. Fill it so that it is enough for the beads to move around.

Then add in your beads. If you are finding it is difficult to move the beads around in the bag, add more hair gel in.

Add Beads and Gel to Bag

5. Seal the bag. If you are worried about leaking or for little ones getting to the beads, add extra duct tape on top of the bag to make sure the bag does not accidentally open. Always supervise when using small pieces with kids.

Mix Beads Around in Bag

The bag is now ready to use! Kids will love moving the beads to fit inside of the coordinating color circle.

To start, we placed all of the beads in the center of the bag so it is easier to see the circles. Once kids have sorted all of the beads you can mix them up and try again!

Color Sorting Sensory Bag

This is a fun activity to practice fine motor skills and color matching. For a twist on learning the alphabet, see our alphabet sensory bag.

Activity Credit: This activity comes from an amazing recycled activity book for kids – Recycle and Play. Be sure to check out the full book and also if you love recycled activities – see our recycled craft for kids books!

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