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Cardboard Ballerina

This cardboard ballerina craft is a beautiful way to explore nature and create art! You only need cardboard and our free printable ballerina template to make this easy craft!

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Cardboard Ballerina Cutout Craft

Cardboard Ballerina Craft

The best thing about this craft is you get to explore different colors, textures and nature to create beautiful art.

Take pictures along the way to remember which backdrops you used to fill the ballerina’s skirt!

Alternatively, you can add a sheet of sticky contact paper behind the ballerina or a self laminating sheet and attach the flowers and leaves to the sticky sheet to fill it in.


Nature Art Options

There are so many beautiful flower options you can use with this ballerina cut out!

Here are a few of our favorite ones: 

Purple Flower Ballerina Cutout


Yellow Flower Ballerina Cutout


White Flower Ballerina Cutout


Pink Flower Ballerina Cutout


You can also choose other backgrounds, like these other nature backdrops: 

Tree Bark Ballerina Cutout


Grass Cardboard Ballerina Cutout


Stone Ballerina Cutout


Pine cone Ballerina Cutout


Supplies Needed to Make a Cardboard Ballerina


-Black Permanent Marker 

-Heavy Duty Scissors (adults to help with this part)

-Ballerina Template – you can get the template at the bottom of the post (on the form with the preview of the template)

Watch the Video Tutorial Here


How to Make a Cardboard Ballerina

1.  Print off the ballerina template. You can get the template at the bottom of the post (on the form with the preview of the template).

You can also freehand draw your own!

Print off Ballerina Template


2. Cut out the ballerina.

Cut out Ballerina Template


3. Trace around the ballerina template onto cardboard with a pencil.

Trace Ballerina Template on Cardboard


4. Outline the ballerina with a black permanent marker.

Outline Ballerina with Marker


5. Fill in the top and bottom of the ballerina (not the skirt) with marker. You can also paint this part in.

Fill in Ballerina with Marker


6. Cut out the skirt using scissors. You can use an X-acto knife (adults only) to outline where to cut and then use heavy duty scissors to cut it out.

Note: thick cardboard is hard to cut with regular scissors so we recommend a pair of heavy duty scissors.

Cardboard Ballerina Cutout


Your cardboard ballerina cut-out is now done! Take it outside and see how many different beautiful backdrops you can find!


Get the Free Ballerina Template


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  1. Loved this idea. My daughter and I did this today and found a lot of textures and colors outside to experiment with. Thanks!

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