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Skittles Experiment

Create a colorful rainbow pattern or make a flower in this easy to do skittles experiment! Kids will love seeing the dye from the skittles move when you add water.

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In this experiment, you can observe candy dyes dissolving but also that the dyes won’t initially mix with each other as they dissolve.

Kids will love helping to line up the skittles, add the water and then watch the magic!

Skittles Science Experiment


You can also make different patterns or shapes. We made a flower shape too!

Skittles Flower Experiment


The Science

Here’s what you’ll observe: the food dye from the skittles doesn’t initially mix with the water.

The skittles dissolve, but the colors do not initially mix with each other. The reason the food colors meet in the middle of the plate and do not initially mix is because each skittle has the same amount of sugar dissolving.


Follow-up Experiments: Ask kids what they think will happen and what their predictions are when you change the experiment. Try changing variables like adding cold water, different candy or adding in sugar cube obstacles to see what happens.

You can also try different shapes, like making a flower.


Flower Skittles Experiment for Kids

Supplies for a Skittles Experiment

  • Package of skittles
    • We used both the regular skittles and the tropical packs to get red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple to make our rainbow pattern.
  • Warm water
  • A plate that is slightly curved in (this helps to direct the water into the center when the candy dye dissolves)
  • A dropper or pipette (for the flower version)


Watch the Video Tutorial Here

Steps for a Skittles Experiment

1. Line up your skittles into the shape of a circle on a dish that is slightly curved in. It needs to be slightly curved so that the candy dye will run into the center.

Line Up Skittles in a Circle

Continue until you have a full circle.

We did a rainbow order but you can use any pattern of colors!

Make a Circle with Skittles

2. Slowly add in warm water into the center of your circle. You do not want the water to go too far beyond the circle of skittles. But you do need the water to touch each skittle so that it can dissolve the dye.

Add Water to Skittles

3. Now watch the magic!

The dye from the skittles will slowly start to move into the center.

Skittles Color Experiment

The candy dye will slowly dissolve and the dye color will move from the candy to the center of the dish.

Skittles Science Experiment for Kids

To Make the Flower Version: 

1. Create the flower center using the color of your choice. We did yellow.

Make Center of Flower

2. Create the petals with skittles in a different color.

Start Making Flower Out of Skittles


Finish Flower with Skittles

3. Add warm water into each petal and the center of the flower using a dropper or pipette.

Add Water to Flower Skittles

The candy dye will slowly dissolve and the dye color will fill the petals of the flower.

Flower Skittles Water


The best part about this experiment is kids can enjoy the skittles when they are done!


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