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Rain Cloud in a Jar

For a fun and easy science experiment that explores weather – try this Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment. Kids can learn how it rains through this fun and engaging science experiment. This is a great activity for preschool and elementary kids. They will love seeing their “rain” fall from the cloud!

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Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Kids love doing this easy science experiment. Not only is it a fun activity but it’s a great learning exercise too. They also get to practice fine motor work by using a pipette or dropper.

Try this experiment the classic way using only blue food coloring, or switch it up and make a rainbow rain cloud in a jar.

Rainbow Rain Cloud in a Jar

The Science

Cloud formation happens when water vapor rises into the air. When this vapor hits cold air, it turns into tiny droplets of water. These droplets start to stick together and form clouds. When the clouds get full of water that they can’t hold anymore, the water falls down as rain.

In this experiment, the clouds are the shaving cream and the food colored water is the rain. As you drop the colored water into the cloud the weight of the water forces itself through the cloud to “rain” down into the jar.


Supplies Needed to Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar

Rain Cloud in a Jar Supplies

– Clear Vase or Mason Jar

– Shaving Cream

– Food Coloring Gel (one in each color of the rainbow) – we like to use this liquid food coloring gel since it’s concentrated and makes the colors really vibrant

Droppers – if you want to do the rainbow of colors, you’ll need 6 droppers to separate out the colors

– Water

– Small Bowls for the Food Coloring


Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar

1. Add a few drops of food coloring gel for each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) into a small bowl for each color. Add a little bit of water to dilute it, but not too much to keep the colors vibrant. Add a pipette into each bowl of food coloring.

Add Food Coloring to Bowls

2. Fill your vase or mason jar about 3/4 full of water.

3. Add shaving cream on top.

Add Shaving Cream to Jar

4. Now you can start dropping your “raindrops” into the vase or jar. The drops will slowly make their way through the “clouds” into the water. If you find they are not dropping down, you can also push the pipette a little bit more into the shaving cream (but be careful not to push too far or you’ll end up in the water).

Add Food Coloring to Jar

Kids can have fun mixing up the colors they add to the jar. Or they can try adding the colors in the order of the rainbow to make a rainbow version!

To make the rainbow version, you will need 6 bowls (one for each color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Then quickly add each color in the order of the rainbow.

Food Coloring for Experiment

We love how easy this science experiment is to set up. And kids love to use the droppers to make it “rain”.

The rainbow version is a lot of fun to try too! We hope you enjoy this easy science experiment!

Rainbow Cloud in a Jar

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