The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past year. That’s why we’ve created a New Year’s Resolution Worksheet Printable to help kids write out things they want to work on for the year.

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New Years Resolution Worksheets for Kids

New Year’s Resolution Worksheet Printable for Kids

We find that the hardest part of setting a goal is actually creating the goal in the first place.  That’s sort of why writing down and reflecting on your New Year’s goals and resolutions is such a great idea.

Kids and adults can benefit from writing out their New Year’s resolution and can even do it together!


There are 2 worksheets available.

The one you see above is a year in a review and then we also have a 4 page printable where kids have more space to draw and write out their resolutions:

New Years Resolution Worksheet Drawing

The 4 page worksheet also has lines for kids to write their resolutions on:

New Years Resolution Worksheet for Kids

Grab the My Year in Review Printable

Grab the New Years Resolution Worksheets


Note – this New Year’s resolution worksheet is for personal use only and cannot be redistributed for free.  Teachers: feel free to use this in your classroom.


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