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Oatmeal Lactation Cookies Recipe

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If you’re looking to increase your milk supply, this Oatmeal Lactation Cookies Recipe is the best! If you’re looking for a quick way to increase your milk supply, then these lactation cookies can help!

This recipe is for nursing moms (we like to feature some things for parents here too!). You might be wondering….do they actually work? Yes! They can help boost your milk supply. Many moms find they will get an immediate boost in my milk supply from making these. And to boot – these are healthy and taste yummy!

Lactation Cookies

Oatmeal Lactation Cookies – Do Lactation Cookies Work? 

Lactation cookies are a great way to help increase your milk supply! The key ingredient is the brewer’s yeast. You cannot substitute this for any other kind of yeast. We had a hard time finding this at the grocery store and finally lucked out and found it at the Bulk Barn. Make sure the label says Brewer’s Yeast. When we asked a few store clerks they pointed me to other yeast which is not the same. The flax and oats are also great supply boosters too which is why they are included in the recipe.

Can Anyone Eat Lactation Cookies? 

You might also be wondering, can anyone eat lactation cookies? Yes!  All of these ingredients are safe for anyone to eat and you don’t need to worry about your husband starting to lactate if he steals a few. You can even eat these lactation cookies when you’re pregnant, however since you are already starting to lactate when pregnant we would not recommend it.

What Makes These Healthy Lactation Cookies? 

These oatmeal raisin lactation cookies recipe are loaded with healthy ingredients. We added whole flaxseed for additional health and milk-producing benefits. And of course we have coconut oil in replace of butter to get the benefits of coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can still make them with butter.

Lactation Cookies Recipe

How many Lactation Cookies Should I Eat?

This is really going to depend on your body and your own personal milk supply. Typically eating 2-3 a day should be enough to notice a boost in your milk supply. But if you’re really trying to boost your supply (due to low milk supply) lactation cookies alone may not be the answer and you may want to look into other herbal supplements like fenugreek and blessed thistle.

If you’re watching your weight (even with this healthy lactation cookie recipe) then we’d recommend getting fenugreek and blessed thistle supplements as they are less calories and you’ll notice a bigger boost in your supply.

How Long Does It Take For Lactation Cookies To Work?

It can depend on the individual, but typically you should see results within 1-2 days. Moms will typically notice an immediate boost in my supply. So hang in there, you should be producing more in no time!

Can You Make A Lactation Cookies Recipe Without Brewers Yeast? 

You might be wondering also if you can make this lactation cookies recipe without brewers yeast. You can, but you won’t see the same effects in your milk supply boost as you would if you included the brewer’s yeast.

If you’re looking for a brewers yeast substitute for baking these cookies, it’s important you do not substitute the brewers yeast for other yeast as you will not see the same results (and they may not taste good).

This lactation cookie recipe also includes flax and oats which will also help with your supply so even just having those ingredients will help, but we highly recommend not skipping on the brewer’s yeast. We have yet to come across a lactation cookies recipe without brewers yeast that works as effectively, so we recommend sticking with what works!

Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

Watch the full recipe video here before you get started!

Here is the recipe for these delicious and easy oatmeal lactation cookies!

Lactation Cookies
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Oatmeal Lactation Cookies Recipe

An easy to make oatmeal lactation cookie recipe. 


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp milled flaxseed
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tbsp brewer's yeast
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 cups oats
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 2 tbsp whole flaxseed optional


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

  2. In a mixing bowl, mix the coconut oil and sugar until soft. Add the egg and vanilla and mix.
  3. Combine the milled flaxseed and water in a separate bowl and then add to the mixing bowl.

  4. Add the flour, brewer's yeast, cinnamon and salt to the mixing bowl and mix again.

  5. By hand, mix in the oats, raisins and whole flaxseed.
  6. Scoop out the batter onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Flatten the cookies slightly. Recipe will make 12 cookies.
  7. Bake for 12 minutes.

Recipe Notes

The whole flaxseed is optional. You can substitute the whole wheat flour for regular white flour. You can also substitute the coconut oil for butter. 

Nutrition Information

Calories: 252, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 8g, Cholesterol: 13mg, Sodium: 110mg, Potassium: 192mg, Carbohydrates: 34g, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 13g, Protein: 4g, Vitamin A: 0.4%, Vitamin C: 0.4%, Calcium: 3.5%, Iron: 7.6%

Hope you enjoy these easy oatmeal lactation cookies as much as we do! Happy Baking!

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Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

51 comments on “Oatmeal Lactation Cookies Recipe”

  1. Can I substitute the milled flaxseed for whole if I don’t have the milled variety?

  2. I made these tonight, they are yummy, hoping it will increase my milk supply as I need to provide enough milk for my twins who were born at 32wks on Xmas day ?

  3. Can I use gluten free flour as a substitute?

  4. What type of oats do you use?

  5. Oh my gosh, these were delicious. I won’t have to look for another lactation cookie recipe because these are a keeper!! Thank you!

  6. I made these after making a different recipe and I love these ones! Much more yummier and easier to make but I uped the brewers yeast to 6 tbsp and the flaxseed meal to 4 tbsp and it was perfect no difference in taste! Super yummy and definitely will be making more of these! Thank you!! ☺️

  7. Hi! I’m planning to add some fenugreek powder! How much can I add? 

  8. Is this dough good for freezing or should I freeze them after I bake them? I’m trying to do freezer prep before my LO gets here!

  9. I got all set up to make these and figured out that the raisins I had expired in 2014 and the cinnamon I thought I had was actually pumpkin pie spice… rater than pitching the whole thing I swapped the raisins for peanut butter chips and the cinnamon for pumpkin pie spice… it actually turned out great it tastes like fall!! all i need is my pumpkin spice latte and ill be golden!

  10. Can I use regular yeast instead of brewers? Thank you 

  11. Is that nutrition for one cookie or for the whole batch ? and how much should i eat in a day to see some results? 🙂

    • Hi Madi – that is per cookie. It is higher in fat due to the coconut oil and flax which are good fats for you. We need adequate good fats to make milk. I usually recommend starting with 2-3 cookies to start a day and then see how it goes. You should notice a difference within a few days.

  12. As with every lactation cookie recipe I try the dough seemed dry. I did heaping tablespoons of brewers yeast for maximum benefit. Before adding the oats it was looking impossible. I added my standby moisture fixer. Applesauce. Just one unsweetened kids snack cup. The dough was very soft then so I didn’t flatten them. They came out perfect.  They spread just enough and remained soft.  

    • We will have to try some applesauce in it that sounds yummy! Every time we’ve made it they turn out pretty soft for us but if you’re using heaping tablespoons of the yeast that could make them a little more dry so the applesauce would counteract that. Glad you enjoyed them!

  13. I don’t know what I did wrong…I followed the recipe exactly and mine were kind of dry

    • Shannon is it possible you put in too much flour or not enough coconut oil? The whole wheat flour can be drier than regular white flour so you can try swapping that out as well as putting in butter instead of coconut oil.

  14. What brand of brewers yeast did you use? I am finding a few different ones. Thank you!

  15. Thank you. I didn add the brown sugar forgot to buy it. However i added 1/4 cup of white sugar. They still tasted yummy. Not bad at all. Love them. Oh n no raisins or the flaxseed jus the milled one i added. Figured that without the brown sigar n adding the white sugar would be too much with the raisins. Also i added an extra half teaspoon of flax mill and it turned out great. Thank you so.much

  16. such a great lactation cookie! work very efficiently and taste sooo good. ive made and frozen hundreds of these cookies. i substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose and go heavy on the brewers yeast; probably closer to 3-4tbsp and they turn out every time. thanks for the great recipe!

  17. I need a grain free recipe – would almond meal be OK?

  18. Can you substitute almond or coconut flour for whole wheat? thanks!

  19. Is whole wheat flour necessary? Looking to make today before without going to store.

  20. I made these! I subbed chia seeds for whole flax seeds, and cranberries for raisins. I also added an extra TBS of brewers yeast. I used a 1 in ice cream scoop. I did not read carefully and did not initially flatten them thinking they would spread out, but they do not. Toward the end of the 12 minute cooking time, I took a fork and flatten them and added about a little extra cooking time. I really like this recipe as it is healthier than others I’ve tried and tastier too. Yes, it does help increase my milk supply. I also drink about 3 cups of mothers milk tea. This is my second baby I’ve breastfed successfully and my two Children have two completely different nursing styles. The first nursed non-stop if she could, 0 distractions and 100% comfort for her. My second is my distracted baby and quite an efficient eater without lingering and rarely using it for comfort. Since my second does not put much nursing time in, my supply is not as robust as with the first. That, and the fact I was drinking coffee here and there dipped my supply. I have since skipped the coffee and other caffeinated beverages (chocolate does not seem to have an effect though), I eat plenty of oats, brewers yeast, and the MM tea, and a beer every now and then and my supply is back! I hope this helps someone out there. The recipe is good and easy, give it a try!

  21. Coconut oil necessary? I just have vegetable or olive- thank you!

  22. Can you substitute ground flax seed for the whole? Would you use the same amount?

  23. Hello, can you explain where/when step no 3 is added to the mixture it is not clear to me

  24. Refined or unrefined coconut oil?

    • Either will work Angela! If you don’t like the flavor of coconut oil then you should choose refined coconut oil. If you don’t mind a mild coconut flavor than unrefined is good! 🙂

  25. I was skeptical but this recipe delivers on taste and texture. I won’t start nursing for another 4 weeks, so I can’t yet comment on effectiveness, as I’m freezing them for later. However, these cookies get a thumbs up for yumminess! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Do you use quick cooking oats or old-fashioned?

  27. Amazing recipe! Thank you!

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