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Heart Pencil Toppers Craft

Have you ever made your own pencil topper? This is an easy and adorable heart pencil topper anyone can make! You only need pipe cleaners to make these. They would also be adorable to add to pencil Valentines.

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Pipe Cleaner Pencil Topper Hearts

Heart Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

These heart pencil toppers are such a fun and easy craft for kids to do! And kids will love writing with these fun pencil toppers too!

These make adorable non-candy Valentines. Pair them with our free printable pencil Valentines.

Make a Pencil Heart Topper

We chose pink and red and white for Valentine colors but you can also do blues, greens or any other color you’d like!

Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Supplies Needed

Supplies for Pencil Toppers
Heart Pipe Cleaner Craft

How to Make Heart Pencil Toppers

1. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the pencil.

Using 2 pipe cleaners, wrap the ends around the top of the pencil 2 times.

Wrap Pipe Cleaner Around Pencils

2. Wrap the other end around the pencil.

Take the loose end and loop it around the pencil. Then wrap this end 2 times around the pencil.

You should now have a pencil topper that looks like the following:

Tie Pipe Cleaners on Pencil

3. Form the heart.

Finally, press down in the top center to form the shape of a heart!

Form Heart Shape from Pipe Cleaners

These are great for favors, gifts or even parties.

Pencil Toppers Craft

This is a simple craft activity you can do for Valentine’s Day. Or add an extra touch to a pencil you plan to give out for Valentine’s Day. Pair these with our free printable pencil Valentines.

You could also try doing other shapes too!

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  1. Heard about Senior Living Seattle

    This was a fun and easy craft to make with my daughter. We are giving the pencils to her siblings for next week. Thank you!

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