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Football Bingo

This free printable Football Bingo is a fun activity to do before the Super Bowl or a football game!  This would also be fun to play during the commercials. You can use bingo dabbers or candy as your markers.

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kids football bingo

Football Bingo – Free Printable Cards

Playing Bingo is one of our favorite games. Everyone can play and it’s easy to set up! Grab the free printable bingo cards at the bottom of the post.

The best part about Bingo is you can play more than one game! Play for a line or try for the full card!

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl or just watching a football game, play this bingo with kids during the commercials!

football bingo card


You can get 10 free printable bingo cards at the bottom of the post.

Tip: laminate the cards and you can reuse them with dry erase markers!


The printable set also comes with a full page of calling cards. Cut up the calling cards and select them at random. You can also describe the images or show the cards.

football bingo printables for kids

This football bingo game would be the perfect family-friendly activity for adults and kids of all ages!

The free printable set includes 10 Bingo Cards. 

football bingo printable


Supplies Needed To Play Football Bingo

White Paper or Cardstock

Bingo Markers – see marker options we suggest you use below

Optional – Self Laminating Sheets

If you want to keep your bingo cards to reuse them every year, we recommend laminating them.

If you don’t laminate the cards, Dot Markers are great for this activity.


cards for football bingo


Bingo Marker Options

Candy Options: M&M’s, jelly beans, skittles

Non-Candy Options: Pom poms, buttons, Dot markers

Pencil or Markers: You can have kids cross out the spots with a marker or dot marker. If you laminate the cards you can also use dry erase markers.


football bingo cover


Kids will love playing this bingo game during the Super Bowl!


How To Set Up the Football Bingo Game

First print off the calling card and bingo cards (link to the free printable below).

1. Cut out the calling cards and place them in a bowl or jar for selecting.

2. Cut out the bingo cards. Each player gets a bingo card. If you have more than 10 players you can put kids into small groups to play together.

3. Use candy or non-candy items as markers. When the image is called out, the player puts a marker on that image.

4. When calling out the images: you can describe the image or show the picture. There are a few of the same images of footballs, jerseys and pom poms in different colors. Calling out the blue football or showing the card to kids when it’s chosen will be easier for them to identify it on their bingo card.

5. You can play for a line (5 in a row) or a full card. The first person to get a line says “Bingo!”. You can keep playing afterwards for more lines if you have more prizes to give out. There are 30 calling cards to choose from so a full card may result in having a few people winning at the same time depending on the number of players. We recommend playing mostly for lines because of this. Mix up the cards and start a new game after a few lines have been won.


How Can I Play With More People?

There are 10 unique cards included. If you have more than 10 players you can break them up into small groups and play in groups of 2-3 players. You can also hand out similar cards and have more than one winner at a time.


How To Print the Football Bingo Cards

Make sure you review the Print Preview before printing. Every printer is different so make sure you select “Print to Fit to Size” or look at the printer Scale Features (you can print at 90% scale) in your printer settings so that it does not print cut off if you are having issues.


football bingo printables


Free Printable Football Bingo Cards

Get the free printable Football Bingo Cards HERE!


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