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Crayon Template

Use our free printable crayon template to make these adorable crayon cards or for any other crayon craft. This template of a crayon is easy to print off and use for any crayon creation! 

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Free Printable Crayon Template

Make these adorable crayon cards with our free printable template. Or you can draw and cut out your own design from paper too!

Pair this activity with “The Day the Crayons Quit” book to discuss which color you like the best and why.

The inside of the template includes a writing prompt, or you can use the template to leave it blank.

Crayon Template Writing Prompt Card

These crayon templates would also look adorable as bulletin board décor! You can add them to a string and hang up to decorate a bulletin board.

You can also use them for “The Day The Crayons Quit” writing prompt.

Crayon Template Craft for Kids

Use this crayon outline to make a paper crayon in your favorite color or make one for every color of the rainbow!

Make Your Own Crayon

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock – white, black and 2 shades of the same color. You want a lighter shade and a slighter darker shade.
  • Glue stick 
  • Crayon template – see the bottom of the post to get the free printable template
Crayon Template Card Printable

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Free Printable Crayon Template to Make

How to use the Crayon Template

1. Print off the crayon template.

You can get the free printable template at the bottom of the post.

Crayon Card Template Printable

2. Cut out the card portion of the template.

If you want the inside of the card to be blank, use the template to trace on white cardstock.

The card should open so that the writing portion is inside the card.

Cut out Crayon Card Printable

3. Cut out the crayon colored pieces on colored cardstock.

You want 2 colors for each crayon – a lighter color and a slightly darker color. The lighter color is for the label and the darker color is for the crayon part on the tip and bottom.

You’ll also need 4 strips of black cardstock.

Cut out Cardstock Template Pieces

4. Glue the cardstock colored pieces to the white card.

Start by gluing the lighter colored label to the middle of the card.

Then add the bottom of the crayon piece on top.

Glue Cardstock Pieces to Card

5. Glue the crayon paper tip on the top.

Glue Pencil Top on

Your card should now look like this:

Crayon Card Gluing

6.  Glue the black paper strips to the crayon.

You’ll need 2 at the top of the label and 2 at the bottom.

Add Black Strips to Crayon

7. Glue on googly eyes if you want to give your crayon a face.

You can also draw them on.

Add Googly Eyes to Crayon

8. Add a smiley face with a black marker.

Add Smiley Face to Crayon

9. Now kids can write their favorite color inside and a few sentences on why it’s their favorite.

Fill inside of crayon template

Your crayons are now finished – we love how cute they are!

Crayon Template Printable

Kids will enjoy making a crayon in their favorite color. Place the crayons on a board or make a banner of them when you are done!

Get the Crayon Template

Also see how to make these toilet paper roll crayons!

Toilet Paper Roll Crayons Craft for Kids
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