Trolls Mason Jars

The new Trolls movie has been a huge hit with kids. We have seen so many fun trolls crafts including these amazing trolls DIY headbands. If you’re planning a Trolls party or simply just have a Trolls fan in your house, then these princess poppy Trolls mason jars will surely be a hit!

Trolls Mason Jars Craft for Kids

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!


Supplies Needed for Trolls Mason Jars

We made these versions by pouring the paint inside (this is only recommended if you’re making these for a Trolls party). See more tips on this below.

Trolls Poppy Mason Jars Party Idea

We also love this version of Princess Poppy done with the paint on the outside and smaller googly eyes. We also used a different plant to show that any pink plant will look great!

Trolls Mason Jar Flower Craft

Directions to Make Trolls Mason Jars

1. Spray the jars with primer according to package directions. It’s recommended to prime beforehand but not necessarily needed (We have painted mason jars without and they turn out OK but won’t paint as smoothly).


Note: We made one version of these jars by pouring the paint inside the mason jar and letting it dry. However, if you want to keep the plant permanently inside the jar this is not recommended. If you are doing it for a party and only need them for a one-time event and do not plan on using water then you can do this method. It will give the jars a glossier, cleaner finish.


2. Paint the jars with pink acrylic paint and then let them dry.
Painted Mason Jar


3. Make your “flower headband” with blue and green felt. We cut this to size based on the size of the mason jar lid and then hot glued on (adults only) or use glue dots. Cut out the flowers in blue felt and hot glue this on. Make enough flowers to go around the whole lid since when you screw on the lid it may not line up exactly.


Cut Felt Headband for Jar Lid


Felt Flower Headband Trolls


4.  Now you can add your facial features!  We glued on the googly eyes and nose (nose just cut out from pink felt) and then used the sharpie to add the mouth and eyelashes


Glue on Eyes & Nose Trolls Craft

5. Now you can add your plant or supplies into the jar! Note: if you want to keep the plant long term, the plant may eventually die from no drainage. You could make this out of a plastic planter pot OR do this temporarily for a trolls party. We also love the idea of storing supplies like colored pencils or markers!

Aren’t these the cutest  Trolls mason jars you have ever seen?


Trolls Mason Jar Kids Craft


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