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Thanksgiving Would You Rather

For a fun Thanksgiving activity, try these Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions! There are 25 Thanksgiving edition questions for kids. These are fun to ask over Thanksgiving dinner too!

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Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

There are 2 free printables you can grab at the bottom of the post – a set of printable cards or a checklist.

Would You Rather Thanksgiving Edition

You can print off the cards and pass them out during your Thanksgiving dinner for guests to ask each other. Or use the printable checklist for kids to fill out during the meal to keep them busy!

And for even more questions, see our 100+ Would You Rather Questions for Kids.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather

Use these would you rather questions as an ice-breaker, at a Thanksgiving gathering or you can even add to lunch boxes the week before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Printable Free

You can also laminate the cards to make them more durable and waterproof.

Would You Rather Thanksgiving

How to Use These Questions

  • Play at a Thanksgiving gathering
  • Add to lunch boxes
  • Use as an ice-breaker activity
  • Use in the car or waiting room
Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather

25 Thanksgiving Would You Rather

All of these questions are made for kids but adults will have fun answering them too!

  • Would you rather eat turkey without gravy or a bun without butter?
  • Would you rather have a pet turkey or a pet owl?
  • Would you rather eat super spicy pumpkin pie or drink gravy?
  • Would you rather make the Thanksgiving meal or clean all of the dishes?
  • Would you rather make a turkey craft or write a Thanksgiving poem?
  • Would you rather have Thanksgiving in a blizzard or go trick or treating in a rainstorm?
  • Would you rather only eat pumpkin pie for dessert or only eat turkey for dinner?
  • Would you rather dress up like a turkey or dress up like an elf?
  • Would you rather have Thanksgiving in the spring or Halloween in the summer?
  • Would you rather enter a pumpkin pie eating contest or a potato sack racing contest?
  • Would you rather wear a turkey hat or your pajamas to Thanksgiving dinner?
  • Would you rather meet a talking turkey or a talking seagull?
  • Would you rather have feathers for hair or pumpkin seeds for nails?
  • Would you rather jump into a pool of gravy or rake a large pile of leaves?
  • Would you rather receive a thank you card or make one?
  • Would you rather make a list of things you are thankful for or volunteer?
  • Would you rather attend a Thanksgiving parade or watch a football game?
  • Would you rather have Thanksgiving at your favorite restaurant or at home?
  • Would you rather play a football game or go on a scavenger hunt?
  • Would you rather go Black Friday shopping or go trick or treating?
  • Would you rather watch a Thanksgiving movie or play a Thanksgiving game?
  • Would you rather set the table or clean up the table?
  • Would you rather wear a turkey costume to school one day or wear a turkey shirt for a whole month?
  • Would you rather gobble gobble after every sentence or only be able to whisper?
  • Would you rather have Thanksgiving with your favorite athlete or favorite singer?

These questions will be perfect for your next Thanksgiving party or classroom game!

Note: printables are for personal or school use only.

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Get the Free Printable Cards

Get the Free Printable Checklist

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