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Surprise Rainbow Activities

These 2 Surprise Rainbow Activities are sure to be a hit with your kids! They will love seeing the hidden rainbows appear. We have 2 ways you can do them: 1. You can use paper towel to reveal the colors on an image or 2: You can use a dropper to see hidden colors come out from the rainbow.

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Here is the surprise rainbow that reveals the colors: 

Rainbow Surprise Experiment for Kids

And here is the other final surprise activity:

Rainbow Experiment for Kids

Surprise Rainbow Activity for Kids

Here is what you will need for both activities:  

Surprise Rainbow Experiment Colors

Watch the Full Video Tutorial Here

How to do a Surprise Rainbow Activity 

Activity 1: Paper Towel You Drop in Water

For this activity you will need 1 sheet of paper towel you can fold in half. Washable markers, a black permanent marker and a dish or bowl with water.

1. First, fold over 1 sheet of paper towel.

2. Start by drawing lines for a rainbow with the black permanent marker. You need permanent marker so that the black marker will not bleed.

Color in with Black Sharpie

You want to press hard or go over the lines a few times so that it bleeds through to the second layer of the paper towel.

3. On the bottom layer, start coloring in your rainbow with washable markers. You need washable markers here so that it will bleed through to the top layer.

Washable Marker Rainbow

4. Keep adding all of the colors to the bottom layer.

Washable Marker Rainbow Experiment

5. Now it is ready to drop in water! Add some water into a dish or bowl. Then drop it into the water and watch the magic! Your rainbow will appear before your eyes.

Drop Paper Towel in Water

Activity 2: Use a dropper to reveal a hidden rainbow

For this activity you will need 2 sheets of paper towel, washable markers, a black permanent marker and a dropper with water.

1. Get 2 sheets of paper towel and fold them over together.

2. Draw a rainbow with washable markers on the top sheet. You want to make sure you press hard and fill it in with color because this is what will bleed through for the surprise color.

Draw Rainbow with Washable Markers

3. Use a black sharpie to draw on top of the washable marker color.

Add Permanent Marker on top of Rainbow

4. Keep adding the black sharpie until your rainbow is fully covered.

Add Sharpie onto Rainbow

5. Now your activity is ready! Use a dropper to add the water to the paper towel to reveal the rainbow underneath.

Add Water to Rainbow

6. Keep adding water with the dropper until all of the colors have come out. You will be left with a surprise rainbow!

Final surprise rainbow

We love how easy these 2 activities are to make for kids. Which one is your favorite?

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