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Salad Spinner Art

Have you ever tried making salad spinner art? Kids will love seeing the designs and patterns that the salad spinner will make with the paint!

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Spinner Art Banner

Star Salad Spinner Art

You can cut out shapes from your salad spinner art – like we did with these stars, or leave them as squares and turn them into cards!

Star Salad Spinner Art

Turn the art into a banner or make cards with them! Just grab some twine and thread the stars through to create your own banner.

We used blue and red for a fun patriotic spin but kids can choose any colors they like! We recommend choosing two colors that mix nicely, like red and yellow which would make orange. Or blue and yellow which would make green. Some of the paint will mix in the spinning so a secondary color will be made.

Cut stars out of salad spinner art

This would also make a pretty table decoration to string along the front of the table.

Salad Spinner Art Banner

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Supplies Needed

  • Scissors
  • Star template – you can get the template at the bottom of the post

Does the paint wash out of the salad spinner?

We used acrylic paint and washed the salad spinner when done. The paint was still wet and it easily washed out. If you are worried you can also use a washable tempera paint. We recommend purchasing a cheap salad spinner for art purposes.

Make a star banner craft

How to Make Salad Spinner Star Art

1. Cut out squares from cardstock.

Have the squares fit to the size of your salad spinner.

Add Cardstock to Salad Spinner

2. Add drops of paint onto the cardstock.

Add two complimentary colors as they will mix forming a third color. You can also add the secondary color with the two primary colors (for example – red, blue and purple).

Add more drops into the center as those will move to the outside when you spin the salad spinner.

Add Drops of Paint to Cardstock

3. Spin!

Now for the fun part – spin the salad spinner! Keep spinning until you are happy with the way your art looks.

Spin in salad spinner

You can also experiment with shorter and longer spins to see if it changes the look of your art.

Make salad spinner art

4. Let the art dry.

Let Salad Spinner Art Dry

5. Cut out stars.

You can use the squares and turn them into cards or cut out stars or other shapes. Use our star template at the bottom of the post to cut out star shapes!

Cut out stars

6. Add a hole punch.

To turn the stars into a banner, add a hole punch to the top of the stars and thread some twine through them.

Add a Hole Punch to Star

We love how fun these are to make! A perfect craft for 4th of July or just a fun process art activity for kids!

Try different colors, paint amounts and spin lengths to experiment with this fun art technique!

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2 comments on “Salad Spinner Art”

  1. I constantly see old salad spinners at thrift stores. May want to wash before you use them the first time, then only if the paint gets to built up. Otherwise the old dried paint won’t interfere with your new spin art project. I use a little rolled piece of tape under the paper so it doesn’t fly into the air inside the spinner. Your star project with the spinner is a very nice idea! (I use the spinner to make backgrounds for my greeting cards. Still, as an adult, like the surprise patterns!)

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