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Letter A Craft – A is for Apple

We’re starting an Alphabet series with crafts for each letter of the alphabet! Stay tuned each week for a new letter of the alphabet. This week, is the first of the series with the Letter A. This letter A craft is simple but kids will love making it! This is a perfect letter craft for preschoolers to make to learn the letter A.

Letter A Craft - A is for Apple

Supplies to make the Letter A Craft

–  Craft Foam 

– White Glue

– Scissors

– Black Marker

– Paper

A is for Apple Craft

Directions to make the A is for Apple Letter A Craft

1. Print the letter A template onto paper.

Print Letter A Template

2. Cut out the template letter A and trace onto the red craft foam. Now cut the letter out of the craft foam.

3. Cut a white triangle large enough to cover the opening of the A. Glue onto the back of the letter.

4. Cut seeds from black craft foam and glue onto the front of the white triangle. Cut a brown stem and green leaf. Add detail to your leaf with black marker.

5. Glue the brown stem and green leaf at the top of your letter A.

Letter A is for Apple Craft

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