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Cake Pops 101: A step-by-step tutorial

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How to Make Cake Pops
Last Sunday I baked a cake and it didn’t exactly turn out how I was hoping. It looked nice on the outside, but inside it was, well, a bit dry. So what do you do with dry cake? Turn it into cake pops of course!

I’m no baking guru, but have you wondered how to make these fun new baking goodies? Me too! This Cake Pops 101: a step-by-step tutorial will show you just how I turned my dry cake into cake pops. They don’t have to be bakery-perfection. Just have fun and enjoy eating their soft gooey centers. They are actually really easy to do. Kids will really enjoy doing this with you – especially the dipping and decorating so make sure you get them in on the fun.


First you need to get all the baking supplies:


Cake Pops 101: A step-by-step tutorial


  • -Leftover dry cake or bake a fresh batch if you don't have any!
  • -1 can of icing
  • -1 package of candy melts I used Wilton which I found at Michaels
  • -Candy sticks
  • -Foam board for placing finished cake pops in to dry
  • -Sprinkles to decorate

Nutrition Information

Cake pops - Step 2

Then whip out your food processor and turn that leftover dry cake into bread-crumb material! No food processor? No worries. You can also crumble the cake by hand.

Cake pops - Step 3

Mix the cake crumbs with your icing (I used about 3/4 of the jar but you may need to just add it slowly to get the right mix). You want it to be almost like dough but not too much icing. Then roll and form into balls. Place on wax or parchment paper.

Cake pops - Step 4

Melt your candy melts in the microwave according to the package directions. My package called for melting it 30 seconds at a time. This is the step you really want to be careful with.  If you over-heat, then add some shortening to it. Turn your microwave setting down as low as possible and stir often in between heating. Let the heat of the candy melts continue to melt on their own before putting in the microwave again so you prevent overheating them.

Cake pops - Step 5

Chill for a few hours either in the refrigerator or freezer. Then dip the candy sticks in the candy melt mixture and place halfway through the balls.

Cake pops - Step 6

Now for the fun part! Dip in your coating and then let the excess coating drip off to one side. You can also add sprinkles at this point before the coating dries completely. Place in foam board to dry. Once dry, I then wrapped them in cellophane to hand out to family members and friends.

Voila! There you have it. I can’t believe how incredible these taste. A big difference from the dry cake I started with.

Here’s a fun summary you can pin to your Pinterest board so you’ll have this easy step-by-step reminder ready to go when you’re ready to make the cake pops!

Cake Pop 101


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