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Heart Cake Pops – Valentine’s Day Treat


  • -white and red candy melts
  • -cake pop sticks
  • -heart sprinkles
  • -cake mix
  • -cake frosting
  • -heart mold


  • First you need to bake your cake. Once it's baked and cooled, use a food processor to crumble the cake. If you don't have a food processor you can do this by hand but it will just take longer
  • Next you mix in your frosting. I used about 2/3rds of the jar but start slow and mix and add more as needed. You want it to be sort of like playdough. You don't want it too sticky or creamy with the icing so add a bit at a time until you get a good consistency that will allow you to roll it easily into a ball.
  • Insert cake mix into your heart mold. Press down so you fill the full mold. If you don't have a heart mold, you could also lay out your mix in a pan and use a small heart cookie cutter.
  • Now chill for 2 hours in the freezer or refrigerator.
  • Before you are ready to pull out from the fridge, melt your candy melts. Melt slowly or you may overcook them. Follow the package directions. Typically they suggest melting 30 seconds at a time. I like to do half power for 30 seconds and then add 30 seconds if I need it. If partially melted, use a spoon to stir and allow the heat to melt the rest. This will ensure you don't overcook your candy melts! :)
  • Remove your cake pops from the fridge. Dip some chocolate onto your candy sticks and insert part way into your cake pop.
  • Now is the fun part! Time to decorate! This is also where the 'easy' part comes in. I have never been able to perfect the cake pop 'dip' so I cheated a bit in decorating these (which I find is the easy way to do it!). Here's the easy way: taking your spoon, drizzle the chocolate on top of your cake pop. They will almost look professional this way! ;) Either way they taste delicious. Now sprinkle with your Valentine's day themed sprinkles.