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This Little Piggy Baby Shower

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My best friend is due at the end of November and I’m so excited for her little baby girl to arrive. She absolutely LOVES pigs, so when I offered to host her a baby shower, I knew it had to be a pig theme. And what better theme than to match the nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy went to the Market?

This Little Piggy Baby Shower

I googled quite a bit to get some ideas and found some really fun pig-themed shower ideas! Here are all the details of the This Little Piggy Baby Shower.


Pig Cookies – The first idea I fell in love with was making pig cookies. These were really easy to do. I followed the Joy of Baking sugar cookie recipe again.

Additional Supplies: Sugar eyes, White Chocolate Chips, Round Cookie Cutters (1 Large, 1 Small)

Directions: Once you have your dough, simply cut out a large circle (for the body of the pig) and small circle (for the snout) and bake. Once your cookies are baked, add royal icing sugar to the body and snout. While the body sugar is still a bit wet, place the snout on top for it to stick to it. Then add the sugar cookie eyes (can be found at Michaels or other baking supply areas). Press in two white chocolate chips for the snout upside down. Once the cookie has fully dried, preferable overnight, pipe on the ears in a darker pink colour using upside down triangles. Pretty easy and fun to make!

pig baby shower 4

The pig-themed templates I found online from the Lil’ Luna blog. There are napkin holders, cupcake toppers, an invitation and more! It’s a full-set ready to use for a shower – and it’s FREE.

pig baby shower 3

Here’s our friend Mallory helping cut out some of the cupcake toppers. We just cut them out and then taped onto a toothpick.

pig baby shower 5


Piggy Bank – One of the ideas from the Lil Luna Blog is to play a game with a Piggy bank. You get a piggy bank and you ask all the guests to bring some change to the shower. Then you play the “Never Have I Ever” game and for each statement that a guest has done “it”, they have to put change in the piggy bank. Then the guest of honour gets to take the piggy bank home and it’s a nice keepsake for the baby.

pig baby shower 2

Celebrity Baby Pictures – guess the celebrity in the baby picture

Baby Songs – guess the song that has the word ‘Baby’ in it

Belly Size – guess the size of the guest of honour’s belly with some ribbon. Everyone cuts a piece of ribbon and the person closest to the actual belly size wins.

Wishes for Baby – Another idea from the Lil’ Luna blog is to write down wishes for the baby. This was a fun little game. The guest of honour got to take home all the wishes.

pig baby shower 7


Pig Painting – Some additional things I did was paint the pig you see here by matching the pig in the themed stationary. It was really simple to do! All you need is to eye-ball the image by drawing in pencil and then paint inside with pink. I also added a squiggly tail and the “Oink Oink”. Once the pink is dry, add the ear and eye in white and finish with a black dot inside the eye.

pig baby shower 8

Tassels – I followed the DIY tutorial and video from Little Mommy Nest Blog. If you’re looking to order some tassels or don’t have time, Love Garland has a great selection.

Diaper Bouquets – I wanted some sort of diaper decoration, but didn’t want to make a cake, so I opted to try making my own diaper bouquets. These are simple to do also. You can follow the DIY tutorial here.

That’s it – the party was a lot of fun. And the momma-to-be seemed to have some fun also!

This Little Piggy Baby Shower 2

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4 comments on “This Little Piggy Baby Shower”

  1. I am still blown away by all the planning, time and effort it took for you to pull the shower together. It was a perfect day with the perfect group of friends! I loved coming home and reading everyone’s wishes for baby. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to show Baby Girl when she’s older, and it definitely made me cry happy tears. Great blog post, Kim 🙂

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