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As we head into cooler months, it’s time to start thinking about engaging indoor activities and toys for kids. We recently had the opportunity to build and create with Laser Pegs. Laser Pegs is a unique STEM toy that develops abstract thinking, improves fine-motor skills, stretches problem-solving skills, and delights the imaginations of kids.

Laser Pegs Mission to Mars Set

Build and Create with Laser Pegs

My 8 and 10-year-old boys couldn’t wait to play! As they opened the Mission Mars series, they excitedly chattered about the lights, sound effects, and mini projector with interchangeable slides (included with the Mission Mars Mission Control set).

The Mission Mars series includes:

  • Mars Rocket with Admiral Tom and Colonel Charlie
  • Mars Shuttle with Lieutenant Willy M. and Major Sophie
  • Mission Control with Pilot George, Launch Director Ron, and Science Officer Maddie
  • Mars Rover with Ensign Alyson and Major Josh
  • Mars Explorer with Captain Pegg

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All of the building sets came with easy-to-read direction booklets, accessories for the characters, and stickers.

Building with Laser Pegs

The Misson Mars series boasts a progressive variety of male and female characters that depict scientists, explorers, and pilots. My kids appreciated every detail, from the way the characters’ knees bent to the miniature tools that accompanied each set.

“It even has a coffee maker!” my youngest exclaimed while building the Mission Mars Mission Control set.

Mission to Mars Set

My boys do recommend corralling bricks into trays while building, which makes the clear pieces easier to see.

Constructing with Laser Pegs

Fully interchangeable with other construction toys, Laser Pegs are a fun alternative to traditional construction sets by offering light-up bricks and vibrant color combinations.

Light Up Construction Lego

Fold-out solar panels, oxygen tanks, and the lights and sound of the rocket blasting were some of my boys’ favorite features. My oldest son thought the adjustable lights within the Mission Mars Mission Control set were clever and realistic.

Laser Pegs Review

Playing with Laser Pegs not only provides numerous educational opportunities (math skills, spatial relations, hand/eye coordination), but also an abundance of creative free play.

Light Up Laser Pegs

My kids played for hours after building the sets, creating space scenes with red and black construction paper, foam star stickers, and tape. A Laser Pegs box proved to be the perfect prop to set up their scene!

Make a Play Set for Laser Pegs

The boys enjoyed acting out Mars missions, drawing aliens, and listening to audio books about space as they played. My youngest son has even used the Mars Rocket as a night light, leaving the lights on as he fell asleep. I’m certain he enjoyed space explorer dreams that night!

Play Set with Laser Pegs

We can’t wait to build with Laser Pegs again! My kids have their eyes on the Creatures set.

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