With all the holiday events coming up, it’s no wonder sleep is on the back burner during this time. It’s hard to keep a schedule and get naps in when there’s family events to attend to during the holiday. That’s why I’ve rounded up the top baby sleep tips for the holiday to help ease the transition during this busy time.

Baby Sleep Tips for the Holiday

If you’re looking for some awesome baby sleep tips for the holidays then you’re in the right place. I have combined the top baby sleep tips for the holiday in one simple article to help you and your family get the most sleep this holiday season. And if you’re looking for more tips, read our 5 ways to help your baby sleep through the night post. This is one of our most popular posts and has been shared over 14,000 times!

Top Baby Sleep Tips for the Holiday

1. Have a Solid Routine – a routine is really important for a baby at home but even more when you’re in a foreign place. A routine helps signal to the baby to get ready to sleep. By doing the exact same steps every night you can prepare your baby for sleep. It’s no surprise then that doing this in a foreign place will provide comfort for your baby. Some things to include in your routine that will help:

  • A bath
  • A bedtime story
  • A song
  • Nursing or bottle feeding (but try not to do this right before laying down as it may become a sleep crutch. More on sleep crutches here.)
  • A lovey – we especially liked the Fisher-Price Seahorse since it provided music and acted as a lovey
  • Music or singing a lullaby
  • White noise – the Travel Sleep Sheep is great for this

2. Keep the Room Dark – A dark environment helps your baby sleep better, especially for naps. When you travel to a hotel or another location it can be difficult to always know if there will be blackout curtains. That’s why we use the Gro-Anywhere BlindThis thing has been great for travelling and is so easy to use. Prior to using the Gro Anywhere Blind we would attempt to put up sheets and blankets that wouldn’t stay up. Do yourself and your baby a favor and seriously get these blinds.

3. Try Not to Skip Naps – OK so I may be known as the nap queen or a nap crazy mom, but there is some serious rationale behind this. I’ve noticed with my babies that skipping their naps turn them into cranky babies. If you can, try your hardest to stick to the nap schedule. If your baby gets overtired this makes it harder for the baby to accept sleep. So do what you have to in order to keep the naps. Even if you have to do naps in the car, stroller or on you. It’s better they nap than skip them altogether. Even better if you can have them sleep in their crib.

4. Bring What’s Familiar – One thing you can do to help make sleep easier when travelling is to bring what’s familiar from home. You could even have the baby sleep in the travel bassinet or pack and play a few days in their room before travelling.

Consistency with what the baby sleeps in can also help. 

Having the baby sleep in the same thing every night and having that sleeper to travel with is key. Our sleepers we’ve used have made travelling and sleeping outside of the crib so much easier. This is because the baby has the comfort of the sleeper and this is so familiar to them!

Swaddle for babies under 3 months – the comfort and snugness of the swaddle will signal to the baby it’s time for sleep, no matter where they are. We like the Ergo Cocoon. It’s the best swaddle we have found and our 7 week old started sleeping 7-8 hour stretches as soon as we started using the Ergo Cocoon.

A Magic Sleepsuit for babies over 3 months – we used the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit with both of our babies. For babies older than 3 months this was great for travelling as it was a comforting sleeper that they knew and recognized. Just make sure you have more than one as you don’t want to be caught without a spare on vacation!

5. Use White Noise. White noise can help muffle the sound if you’re sleeping in the same room as the baby. It can also help if you’re having a holiday party and it’s quite noisy in the house. We will even put the fan on in the bathroom upstairs to try and muffle the downstairs noise in our house.  Our personal favorite is the travel sleep sheep.

I wish you safe and happy travels (and of course, lots of sleep!)

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