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Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Review

Do you have a baby that is not sleeping well at night? Read on for our Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit review.


When Camden was around 4 weeks old, he was still getting up every 3 hours at night and I was exhausted. I had tried swaddling  early on and he resisted it and didn’t like it. But after reading about swaddling and how it makes the baby feel snug and secure, I wondered if I just wasn’t swaddling him tight enough. I decided to try a tight, snug swaddle one night and BAM! He was out like a light. That night I got an extra hour out of him for his first sleep stretch and so a little baby swaddler he became.

But around the 3 month mark, I wanted to stop swaddling because he would break-out of his swaddle and would cry and be uncomfortable. We tried going cold turkey, but it was a disaster. He would wake up every 2 hours crying when he was previously sleeping 4-6 hours at this point. His startle reflex was still pretty strong which was causing him to wake up more often without the swaddle and we knew we couldn’t go cold turkey or none of us in the house would get any sleep.

That’s when I read about Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit from Baby Center moms. They raved how well their babies slept in it. I did some research on it and found other rave reviews on Amazon on how well babies sleep in the Magic Sleepsuit. I figured it was worth a try and based on how he was sleeping, that Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit couldn’t come fast enough!

The first night we put him in the magic sleepsuit, he was back to sleeping normally, just like he did in his swaddle. Huge sigh of relief and two very happy parents! We also went from nursing/rocking to sleep to having him fall asleep on his own and the suit definitely helped us achieve that.

Now at 6 months, he’s still in his Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. He absolutely loves it and we’re not eager to transition him out of it just yet. Our new motto with sleep – don’t fix it if it’s not broken! I also really like the fact that he knows when he goes in his sleepsuit, it’s time for bedtime.

When we travel to the cottage or when we went to Florida, the sleepsuit came with us and it helped him fall asleep without any issues in these unfamiliar places. Overall, the Magic Sleepsuit has been really helpful in getting our baby to sleep and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has trouble with getting their baby to fall asleep or who is getting up more than the normal amount of times in the night.

So how does it work? 

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is designed as a transition for swaddling. It helps muffle their startle reflex just like swaddling does to prevent premature waking. It also keeps them cozy and secure making it easier for them to fall asleep on their own if woken in the middle of the night. You might be thinking that it looks pretty heavy duty and hot. Well the arms and feet are exposed to help keep the baby cool. So in warmer temperatures you only need to put a diaper on underneath. If the weather is cooler you can add layers underneath or add socks to their feet. They also have a cotton version which is cooler for the summer and a fleece version which provides more warmth for the winter.

Once your baby can roll over with the suit on, it is recommended to transition out of it. Note, a lot of moms think they can’t use the suit once the baby can roll in general. This is not the case, it’s when they can roll with the suit on (big difference since the suit is heavy and it’s harder for them to roll in it).

I wish I could show you our little man with the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit sleeping, but because we practice great sleep habits and keep his room super dark during his sleep, I wasn’t able to capture any pictures with him sleeping.

But how cute does this little marshmallow man look?


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