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5 Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping

5 ways to save on Christmas shopping

It`s that time of year! Make your list, bring out the cash and cards and get ready to go on a spending spree for Christmas gifts. But doesn’t Christmas shopping leave you feeling a bit tight in January? Well this year we want to help you keep a budget. So you can keep your bank balance looking a bit healthier come January.

5 Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping

 1. Set a Budget. It is so easy to impulse purchase for Christmas, particularly for your own kids. Set a budget and keep track of all your spending so you do not go over the set budget. Plan the gifts in advance of going to the store by looking for gift ideas online and bring a list with you. That way, once you’re in the store you won’t get side tracked and will stick to your budget. Overspending on Christmas gifts can be really easy but if you set a strict budget and plan out your gifts accordingly you can avoid getting into a spending trap.

2. Sign up for Ebates and earn up to 5% Cash Back from online shopping. I am always surprised to hear there are so many people who do not use Ebates. It`s really simple. You just create an account and then go to their site when you`re ready to do your online shopping. Then you click through to the website like Walmart or Amazon and shop – nothing else to do! You`ll get cash back automatically and you`ll save an additional 2%-5% every time you shop.

Sign up for the US Ebates Here

Sign up for the Canadian Ebates Here

3. Use Coupons. Coupons aren’t just for groceries and everyday essentials. This time of year you can find a lot of coupons for toys and clothes as well. Target puts out a gift catalogue that contains coupons and many of the toy manufacturers also submit coupons on the main coupon sites. Take a look before you head to the store. There are also a lot of online coupon codes so make sure you google ‘coupon codes’ for your particular item before you purchase. If you’re buying clothes you can most definitely get a sale or coupon code at this time of year.

Here is an example from Mattel that you can use to instantly save 15% off your order:

US: Mattel: Sign up for their email list and save $10 off your order

4. Use Apps to Save. 

There are a ton of apps that can help you save money. Sign up and be sure to check the deals before you shop!

Target Cartwheel: In the US, Target has created the “Cartwheel” application for smartphones, which offers different discounts on items each week. They have a whole selection of toys and sports products to choose from that have additional savings.

Retailmenot: The Retailmenot app will allow you to take the deals on the go by just showing your phone you will get instant savings and you can get automatic alerts when there is a promotion nearby.

ShopKick: Get rewarded for all of the shopping and perusing you’ll be doing with ShopKick. Earn rewards or “kicks” by just walking into stores like Target and then earn even more “kicks” when you scan and purchase products. A great way to get a bonus gift card in January for all your hard earned shopping!

5. Price Match. This time of year there are a lot of deep discounts retailers put on to draw customers in. Problem is, usually when you go to the store the item is out of stock. Take advantage of price matching at major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy and buy the item there instead. By price matching at a store that the item is not on sale you’re guaranteed to get the sale item in stock and won’t have to buy the item later at full price.


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