5 ways to comfort a sick baby

It’s that time of year and it seems everyone is getting sick. Including our little ones. This year seems to be especially bad for colds and the flu. And unfortunately, even if you got the flu shot, this year the flu shot is less effective than prior years at preventing you from getting the flu. So your best line of defence is to make sure you WASH your hands. Wash, wash and wash some more! Make sure you are constantly washing your hands to get rid of germs. I recently heard that even washing up to your elbows can be more effective at eliminating the germs also. Make sure you at least get above your hand area and sing “Happy Birthday” to ensure you are doing a good job.

Now onto the baby relief. Even with all our best efforts, there’s no keeping other kids at daycare from smothering their germs on each other. Hopefully some of these tips you’ll find helpful in the time of need.

As always, make sure you see a doctor to treat and diagnose your child first. 

5 Ways to Comfort a Sick Baby

1. Keep them hydrated – babies need plenty of extra fluids just like adults when their sick. Try to offer additional fluids throughout the day to ensure they are hydrated. If your baby has diarrhea or is vomiting make sure you see the doctor. Pedialyte may be prescribed or suggested to help prevent dehydration.

2. Use a Humidifierhumidifiers add extra moisture to the air which can help keep your little one’s nasal passage clear and reduce coughing. We like the Crane series of humidifiers which are designed for a baby’s room.

3. Use a snot sucker – Help clear their nasal passage so they can breathe easier by using Saline Nasal Mist paired with a nasal syringe or the NoseFrida – The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.


4. Keep them Rested – Sick babies need lots of rest. Make sure your baby is getting all the appropriate naps for their age and even try to put them to bed earlier so they can get some extra-needed sleep. Do whatever means you have to in order to get them to sleep and keep them sleeping. Even if that means rocking or nursing them to sleep so they take their naps or if they wake up in the middle of the night. Sick babies need more attention and will most definitely go back to falling asleep on their own once they are feeling well.

5. Warm Bath & Massage – A warm bath can be soothing to your baby who may have aches and pains from their cold. Just make sure to not make it too warm and to consult with your doctor first if your baby has a fever. Follow the bath with an infant massage to help relax your baby. And of course offer lots of snuggles and cuddles before putting them to bed.

Until your baby is old enough to take cold medication, the best thing you can do is try to keep them comfortable by following these tips. Keeping them hydrated, rested and ensuring they can breathe comfortably are the best ways to ease their pain and help them heal as quickly as possible.

What other tips have you found help keep your baby comfortable when they are sick?