5 Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Save on Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it sort of feels like we just finished Christmas doesn’t it? With all the cash that we spent at Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips to save on Valentine’s Day. Not everyone wants to spend tons of money on luxurious gifts and expensive dinners – and you don’t have to in order to have a good time!

5 Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

1. Don’t buy a card. Really skip the cards. They are such a waste of money. I actually have a personal pet peeve against cards. It blows my mind that they are getting upwards of $10 these days. TEN DOLLARS for a piece of paper? Really? You can get BOOKS for $10 that have hundreds of pieces of paper in them and you can actually keep them after reading them. I know most people throw cards out after reading them. Instead of a card, buy a book and write a nice message in it. Or get a free printable online and print one! Here are a few free Valentine’s cards you can print and write cute little messages on them. If you’re really set on getting a card, the dollar store sells a lot of nice ones that only cost $1.

2. Use Coupons for your dinner out. There are plently of restaurants coupons you can get online these days. Don’t just go anywhere and pay full price, find a coupon at anncoupons.com.

3. Make a candle-light dinner in. If you don’t feel like going out, stay in! One of my favourite things to do is to make a fancy dinner in. Bring out the good dishes, candles and eat in your formal dining room. Splurge a little on something you normally don’t cook like scallops – but would still cost a lot cheaper than going out. Or learn to make sushi together and make it a fun night in!

4. Do something free together. I have rounded up 15 Valentine’s Date Ideas. And a few of these activities are free to do together – like ice skating at your local outdoor rink, snow shoeing or perusing your local artisan shops together.

5. Use coupons when shopping for your gift. You may not want to skimp on your gift as this is where you should focus most of your money. Find a coupon for your favourite store at anncoupons.com and save before you purchase that perfect gift.

How do you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day? Will you be saving this year?

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