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3 Color Fun Experiments

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3 Color Fun Experiments for Kids

Now that I’ve officially started mat leave I have been searching for things to do with our toddler to keep him busy. I found 3 different experiments to do with food and items in the kitchen that have been a lot of fun!

3 Color Fun Experiments

The first one is one of my favorites. Here’s what you’ll need:

Baking Soda


Food Coloring

A deep dish to place the items in

-Some tools to drop the vinegar with


Then line the dish with the baking soda and drop some of the food coloring in:


Now comes the fun! Put the vinegar in, do some large cup versions for bigger explosions and some smaller drops for smaller explosions. This one will sure be a hit with the kids!


Now click HERE for an experiment using SKITTLES!


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